Zetman – 06

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11 Responses to Zetman – 06

  1. Shandris says:


  2. Raizing says:

    Cheers WhyNot staff for this release.

    Thought that you guys might like to know that at around 2:26,
    you’ve translated it as episode 5 instead of 6.

  3. Foryth says:

    Thanks! I even got my roommate who doesn’t watch a lot of anime to watch this show!

  4. macxxx007 says:

    ooooooh YEAH!

    Thanks so much for the episode! AM LOVING THIS SERIES GREATLY!

  5. Sobre says:

    Thanks for the episode and another little mistake, the line around 2:07 (“die here”) begins earlier and ends earlier than it should too.

  6. Fuji says:

    Thanks, Took me a bit to notice ya guys droped Medaka. O well. You guys have lives too lol. Keep up the good work & Looking forward to future releases for years to come.


  7. dito says:

    i hope you don’t drop this show like medaka…
    thank you for your hardwork..

  8. NatsuPower says:

    Thanks for subing :D

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