Zetman – 01

First new project of a couple. No one had released this yet so we decided to pick this up just a few hours ago (EDIT: yesterday night at this point, but we had to reencode several times due to hurfing). Everything but the encode was done yesterday. We’ll be faster next week as usual. Props to Rekyu and vale for figuring out that ED. This is a Viz simulcast edit.

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27 Responses to Zetman – 01

  1. Suzume! says:


  2. Slasher000 says:

    Hadena have also released this but id rather go with you guys then with Hadena anyway, Keep up the great releases

  3. Jin says:

    I’m glad to see u guys working on this! Whynot fighting!

  4. troll says:

    minor translation error at 4.34.

  5. Nick says:

    I’d rather not see both you and SFW working on Zetman separately. You’re both very fine sub groups, so this situation feels like both teams are wasting time and resources, especially considering the many worthwhile releases this season.

  6. Arson says:

    So this is about this guy that cuts people’s heads off?

  7. ~NarutoBallZ~ says:

    You know what else hasn’t been released yet? Milky Holmes season 2. You could be translating a masterpiece instead.

  8. RogerBlue says:

    It is surprisingly well written. The story-line is kind of weak and hard to swallow but the character development in this first episode. Wow… Thanks for bringing this to us!

  9. newb says:

    not true, hadena subs it :P

    • Quattro says:

      We were finished the script long before SFW or Hadena had released (when I wrote this post originally). And you say that as if what Hadena does is relevant.

  10. newb says:

    it is, because i don’t really care where subs come from, as long as it’s not too bad or trollsubs like gg (therefore UTW > all so far, in terms of speed and quality)

  11. adam says:

    Hi guys ..
    i’m new here .. and just want to ask .. is this 720 ?? .. 8 or 10 bit ??

    thanks !

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