Yosuga no Sora EP 2 release! (and minor intro)

Hi everyone, I am the newest addition to the “WhyNot? ” family, and I will be the TL for Yosuga no Sora this season…as you can see ep 2 is ready for your enjoyment!

I personally apologize for the lateness in the release of ep 1 and ep 2, but starting ep 3 it will be released on the same day or the next day at the latest! I can also guarantee you that my TL is on par with the other “major” subgroups. Though of course, I am not perfect so I can still make errors. So please make sure you all let me know if I did.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Yosuga no Sora – 01v2
v2 Patch

Yosuga no Sora – 02v2
v2 patch


Fairlady edit: Made a stupid mistake on ep 2 omake. I really should stop tl’ing late at night…I apologize.

Fairlady edit #2: I will also be tl’ing Mago’s new OP and ED. Sorry for the delay! orz

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