Yondemasu yo, Azazel san 01

Our friend over at Hadena, arashi0, agreed to translate the OP for us. We also had a more thorough TLC of the script done (it needed it and you can expect it from now on as well, unless someone else steps forward to translate this series instead of Yuigg). And with that, here is the v1!

vale got internet back and Hen Zemi is being worked on (the OADs too). Oh and we are trying to wait for a raw that doesn’t have an annoying map or announcements throughout the episode for Gintama’.


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11 Responses to Yondemasu yo, Azazel san 01

  1. shiroverse says:

    screen resolution?
    is this 480p

  2. Bureimono says:

    The translations aren’t accurate, where I can find some lines missing or inaccurately translated. Thank you for subbing this tho..

  3. DeMoN says:

    thanx for doing this guys =D

  4. Bureimono says:

    I believe there’s some other line that should be translated and there’s some mistranslated lines. Like near end of the show. It’s not the spell. They’re just being reversed from the original meaning (aranoyasa=sayonara/iribiribi=biribiri). Like on 03:41, 04:38, 06:05, 10:00, 10:13

    • EpicNaruto says:

      Uh, we have those two and that first spell is total jibberish. We’ve had several people listen over it. About those lines, what exactly do you find to be wrong? You just list times with no reasons. And if indeed you are capable of picking out TL errors beyond Japn101 and phrases learned from anime, then why not help us out and TLC instead of just saying we mistranslated some lines?

      • Bureimono says:

        Very well. I am not confident in my Japanese, but what I can hear and translate those lines:
        03:41 = Wrong! Lend me your ear !
        04:38 = I can smell the odor of a restroom
        06:05 = Come on, Mr. Detective! It’s me, Fukuda!
        10:00 = but he was unable to satisfy his wife either. Soon after they divorced.
        10:13 = I did something like that to stranger, even made them divorced

        Please do not take this as offense.

        • EpicNaruto says:

          lol, if you watched our release, you’d notice that is essentially the same thing we have. It’s a matter of how it’s worded, but the meanings are the same.

          We appreciate feedback as it helps us improve the subs, usually.

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  6. Picking up this show to watch and I’m liking it so far. Keep up the good work.

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