Yami Shibai 2 – 10

[WhyNot-Migoto] Yami Shibai 2 - 10 [720p][99C04362].mkv_snapshot_01.59_[2014.09.11_23.57.27]

Ah, life in Japan. I hate bugs too. Sorry about the delays. Editor-kun is MIA, so I’ll try to cover everything from this week in the next day or two. I’ve been swamped recently myself, but it’ll happen.


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  1. Balmung says:

    Need a hand? I’ve never done anything with anime but i’ve done a lot of video editing. I’d be willing to help with captain earth.

  2. macxxx007 says:

    Not to mention nyaa is getting buggy again… Thanks so much for the episode!

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