Yami Shibai – 01-03

[WhyNot] Yami Shibai - 01 [FC98FCB1].mkv_snapshot_00.14_[2013.07.15_00.29.05]

Hi. We decided to joint with Migoto now. We were both doing the show already, so it made sense. There’s been a few changes, but the release is better. Migoto does both 720p and 480p releases, so we’ll continue with that too. 720p is 10bit, and 480p is 8bit. Still a CR edit.


If you downloaded the [Migoto] release, you can use the following patches: 720p480p
If you downloaded the [WhyNot] release, you’ll have to redownload the files.

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  1. donachraf says:

    can someone explain to me why the tvtokyo ver is better than crunchyroll they are both 1080p and crunchyroll get their videos directly from the sudio or am i mistaken ?

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