Yahari 07 Delayed

I got done what I could, but I have too much work to finish tonight and tomorrow. Expect it sometime around Saturday or Sunday. Sorry, but it can’t be helped.

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11 Responses to Yahari 07 Delayed

  1. Guthrie says:

    You bastards! How dare you not finish this thing that you have no responsibility or obligation to do and that I’m not paying you for on time! Go burn in hell!

  2. evilcorn says:

    I thought it was a myth that fansubbers had their own lives to attend to just like I do.

  3. WeirdSteve says:


  4. John Doe says:


    Uff I had to take it out of my chest. I just love this series.

  5. Shin says:

    I come back from work , and expect it to be out , but instead I get a slap in the face.
    (ty for the notice atleast)

  6. Searth says:


  7. twedayy says:

    Can’t believe everyone here is flaming and complaining about how it is not finished.. All fansubbers have a life too, they don’t spend every day of the week to fansub. So respect the fansubbers! Thanks for the notice about the delay, looking forward to the episode. :)

  8. The previous episode does not have any thrilling cliffhangers on its end. Therefore one or two days of delay won’t bring any real harm. Watching anime on Monday is not the same thing as on Sunday though.

  9. Scionz says:

    So much glorious sarcasm. I love it. However, these are the best subs for this show. The other 2 seem to be really screwing up with regionally-aided phrases instead of words that everyone knows. I wish they would stop it, but oh well. I’ll watch their junk, but I’m still waiting for this one.

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