Winter Recruitment Drive

New season, new shows. We’ve had a nice break last season just focusing on Robotics;Notes and finishing up Steins;Gate, but it’s time we get back into the fray a bit. We’ll probably pick up 1-2 new simulcast edits (vale is still doing R;N, Rekyu is lazy/busy), so it’d be nice to have some more editors available for new stuff. Can’t hurt to have more QCs either for BD projects and such. Anyway, please do apply~

Note: Positions are available unless it’s crossed out (even then, if you pass we may take you). Read the whole post before submitting any tests. Some of you still aren’t sending in everything.

Editor – Editors must have a strong grasp of the English language. The test is a pretty extreme case of how things can go, so if you can handle that you’re up for anything.
Test You must edit everything, including any songs/typesets etc.

Typesetter – We’re in desperate need of typesetters. You should have at the very least least practised typesetting a few episodes and go through tutorials before doing the test (seriously, the last 4 tests haven’t even known what typesetting is).

All applicants need to:
1) Drop by the IRC channel #WhyNot?, send an email to and then talk to Quattro AsuraE (be sure to DO BOTH).
2) Use “WhyNot? Test – *insertpositionhere*” as the subject. Anything else will be filtered out as junk.
3) Include your available times (and time zone in UTC/GMT), internet connection (saying “It’s good” or “It’s fast” isn’t enough), and nick in the application email.
4) Lurk on our channel (all communication will be done through IRC).
Failure to do any of these means that you fail the basic test of being able to follow simple instructions, so reread this after writing your email. So far no one has got it completely right.

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7 Responses to Winter Recruitment Drive

  1. Shugo says:

    I’ve never done this kind of work before, but I’ve always been kind of interested since I consider myself to be quite proficient at spotting grammatical errors (and that test script is already bugging the hell out of me just from glancing at it).

    Are you guys looking for newbies? This would be my very first time, so I’m unfamiliar with a lot of aspects of a release and will probably be asking a lot of questions at first. If you don’t mind that, I’ll submit an app.

  2. Remo says:

    Could you possibly pick up Cuticle as a CR Edit?

  3. flipr says:

    I considered applying to be an editor, but the test made me cringe too hard.

    The real problem is that I won’t know my availability for another week or so — I’m waiting for my manager to set the schedule for my campus job for the new semester. How quickly do I need to have all of that nailed down for the application?

    Also, I want the test to replicate a real situation so that people won’t be angry at delays. How long would an editor normally spend on a script? I could make the test submission immaculate given enough time, but if I’ll only have 20 minutes on an ordinary basis, I want the application to reflect the quality that I could produce in that time.

  4. l00dak says:

    Anyone else having trouble downloading the sample video?

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