Winter 2011 plans and recruitment

I’m sure none all of you are wondering what we’re planning for next season. Right? Right…?

Anyway, we have no idea. Our now one and only translator (vale) is already subbing Phi Brain with us, so unless we magically (or not so magically, either is fine) get another translator, we won’t be picking up anything that isn’t simulcasted. That means we’re looking at replacements for Nura s2 and Ika s2 as simulcast edits. Don’t bother suggesting things, we’ll pick them ourselves based on several factors.

With that said, on to the recruiting section for next season. What we’d like:
Translator(s) – Even just songs is helpful
Typesetters – All our current typesetters are in timezones of the least benefit to us
QCs – We’re aiming to cover the clock in QCs so we never have to hunt one down
Editors – For BD projects mainly
Typists – May or may not be necessary, but more can’t hurt

We won’t be taking an infinite amount of any position, but if you pass you’re likely to be brought on. Please refer to this page before applying so you know what to do. Most of the recent applications have all been failures, so we’re doing another round of recruiting.

If you’re a translator looking to work on a specific show (or anything of interest, or anything at all), leave a comment here or talk to a staff member on the IRC channel.

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  1. H_B says:

    Itsuka Tenma OVA is out. Are you guys going to bother with it or should i look for releases by other groups?

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