Well that sucks…


So um… To any of you who don’t know what this means for us – we no longer have a steady and reliable ts source (ie what we encode from). We might be able to find some tses on PD but I won’t hold my breath. I would seriously hate to have to use share raws also due to the shit quality but if there is no other alternative, that is what we will do (maybe, seeing as how we aim to release the subs with a higher quality video source). We just started this group and I’d hate to see it die out so quickly because of this.

On to the reason for the post… Now that we no longer have a source for our tses, we need one. If anyone is able to supply us with the tses for things we release, that would be much appreciated.

We are also still in need of translators so please apply!

(On a personal side note, while I don’t want to quit fansubbing already, there really won’t be a reason for us to exist if we are using shitty share raws because that is no better than what is already available and would serve no purpose really)
There are a few options I am considering with regards to group direction now that this happened. Please take a minute to vote on the new poll letting us know what you would want to see us do.

EDIT: When I got home I decided to hop onto PD and Share and see what we have to work with… It’s abysmal to say the least. There does not seem to be up to date ts files for anything but squid girl (Shinryaku! Ika Musume) for some reason or another. I’d just like to say that as of right now, we will continue anything we have a ts for as if nothing happened (we will finish nura regardless though so rest assured). I will make a new post later once we have finalized our decision as to the new direction for the group (I have pretty much already made up my mind though).

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  1. Phillangees says:

    As a leech let me just say it doesn’t have to be beautiful, folks shouldn’t blame any fan subber because the video isn’t awesome (hell they shouldn’t blame any fan subber for anything, ever). I watch fansubs ’cause I can’t speak a word of Japanese and I happen to enjoy Anime. I can see picture perfect super fantabulous 720p/1080p if I want by buying the BD, but I’m not going to do that if I don’t know the show is awesome or not.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      Thanks for the comment! Just to make it clear, we will be releasing Nurarihyon no Mago regardless of this situation.

      The main thing for us is that we aren’t actually translating any of this ourselves (aside from YnS but the TL is still MIA so that’s stalled anyways). We are using the official translation and fixing them up and then releasing onto higher quality video (as stated when we started). That was our main purpose, the boost in quality and minor changes to reflect our ideals in the subs. This means that everything we sub is currently being released by an official outlet and probably other groups (maybe even using the same TL) with only minor differences and styling changes. It was already relatively redundant but we wanted to anyways lol. Now that we can’t serve our main purpose, it would defeat the point of us releasing. I’m not actually considering all those options and just posted them to give some variation and lulz (Like we’d ragequit :P). I’ll be making a post later with what we are planning to do after this. Hopefully this doesn’t disappoint too many people… (hardly anyone comes to the site anyways lol).

      • Phillangees says:

        Well I’ve been enjoying what you’ve been putting together. I suppose if you do shutdown I’ll go to the official source, but damn their site is a pain in the ass to navigate. Thanks for what you’ve done :)

        • EpicNaruto says:

          We’re glad that you are enjoying our releases :). I guess I may have been a tad misleading with my posts… We are definitely not going to shut down lol, just shifting our focus.

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