Utakoi – 07 & 08


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10 Responses to Utakoi – 07 & 08

  1. Elle says:

    Wow! That was a sudden but a very pleasant surprise! Thank you!

  2. kamineko says:

    Please, please finish this. And thanks for the work done so far. This will be one of the shows searched after in 10 years, when the oversubbed generic harem or shonen stuff of today is long forgotten.

  3. Laffinty says:

    Thank you

  4. Alt-F4 says:

    Hi. Not sure where to post so I will leave it here :)
    One question regarding Mouretsu Pirates – are you sure “Serenity” is proper spelling of royal family? Because in anime it’s spelled with L – Selenity (ep. 9 around 11-48).

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