Uta no Princesama Maji Love 2000% – 11

utapri 11

Oh man, all the colors this week. Its so fabulous.

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3 Responses to Uta no Princesama Maji Love 2000% – 11

  1. My1 says:

    @18:47 shouldnt the lyrics be We feel you instead of We need you

    • Quattro says:

      To be honest, I just left what CR had for that. Well see when the single is out.

      • My1 says:

        the song seems to be included in ED single, at least from what I found out some moments ago. ShinS also put it out on nyaa. DLing right now to confirm that, also there seem to be some sites having the lyrics of the full song like http://www.utanet.com/song/145645/

        Regards, My1

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