Uta no Princesama Maji Love 1000% – 09

Episode 10 sometime this weekend. Episode 11 who knows. Blame Xavier for derping the encode.

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7 Responses to Uta no Princesama Maji Love 1000% – 09

  1. David says:

    Woah The color of those eyes are real?
    And how is the anime overall is it fit for a guy?

  2. ¤.¤' says:

    It’s fabulous.

  3. iSeeU says:

    Thanks! Really looking forward to the rest of your releases for this series, I’m gonna start it when you’ve finished.

  4. Blee says:

    Hey, thanks for doing this series. :D
    Would you be doing anymore of this or should I move on to another group (D:)?
    Thanks again. :)

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