Uta no Princesama Maji Love 1000% – 06


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8 Responses to Uta no Princesama Maji Love 1000% – 06

  1. blackice85 says:


  2. Marina says:

    Nice! (not the buttse[cks] image :p )
    Thanks again!

  3. Kokocho says:

    Thanks heaps!
    Also, that gif just made my day. XD

  4. Lacy says:

    This show is amazing. It’s like junk food, so bad but soooooooo good.

    Thanks for the release.

  5. Yakuri says:

    yattaaaaaa!!!!! aiii!!!!

  6. Uta says:

    Official lyrics are out… would be great if you could update~


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