Uta no Princesama Maji Love 1000% – 01


Don’t blame me for any mistakes. Kethry, a new staffer, QC’d this one. No way in hell I’m watiching this show start to finish. I’ll really lol hard if this show becomes as popular as nura. It’s another NicoNico edit, just so you know.

Also, we’re working on episode 2, so that should be out shortly.

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15 Responses to Uta no Princesama Maji Love 1000% – 01

  1. Gar says:


  2. Kethry says:

    Fabulous men deserve fabulous words.

  3. anomy says:

    Anyone know what options/properties I need to change to get the star in [starish] (when they’re singing in the beginning) to appear correctly?
    It appears as a square block when I watch it….

  4. Anon says:

    Haha, this show made me laugh as hard as I did @ the boy bands of the late 90’s. Thanks for the effort, thought there is no way in Hell I’m watching anymore of this.

  5. Usagi says:

    Thank you so much!
    Finally a proper release for this show.
    Rainbow Font <3

  6. Usagi says:

    P.S: Did you guys need help with the typing?
    I don’t have access too the nico stream (fuck country block) but if HS release it I could typ the text in a .ass file.

  7. Yari says:

    Thank you so much!
    You’re loved by fangirls everywhere~X3

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