Tsuritama & Kids on the Slope – BD Batches

No 1080p for Kids on the Slope because there was no benefit or improvement over the 720p. Scripts have been checked over and improved overall. Some typesets were redone or added. The video quality is much better than the original TV broadcasts too. Enjoy.

Tsuritama Info – 1920×1080 + FLAC, 1280×720 + AAC, 10bit
Kids on the Slope Info – 1280×720 + AAC, 10bit

Spoiler for BD Credits
Kids on the Slope:
AsuraE (Encoder)
Congeal (Timer)
Quattro (Stuff doer)

AsuraE (Encoder)
Afinon (Timer)
Acid` (QC)
Quattro (Stuff doer)

Spoiler for Original Credits
janice (Editor)
Congeal (Timer)
killazys (Encoder)
Quattro (Typesetter)

Glaive (Editor)
Afinon (Timer 2-6)
Riktasi (Timer 8-12)
RandomEntropy (Timer 1)
Congeal (Timer 7)
Quattro (Typesetter, encoder)
Sobre (QC)
MrDrSr (QC)

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20 Responses to Tsuritama & Kids on the Slope – BD Batches

  1. Gar says:

    Thanks! Been waiting for a 720p Kids on the Slope.

  2. Gucio says:

    Thanks:) What source for video/audio?

  3. Anonson says:

    What was the difference in quality for Tsuritama’s 1080p from the 720p?

  4. Gucio says:

    I know, but which US or JP?

  5. Rewston says:

    Thanks for this <3

  6. Xcal says:

    I’d normally agree with AAC for a 720p encode, but with Apollon and its heavy musical content/focus it would have been nice to see FLAC this time. Hopefully the ACC bitrate is fairly high?

    • Quattro says:

      There’s virtually no difference at the settings the AAC gets encoded at.

    • AsuraE says:

      AAC is always done as VBR at 0.9. FLAC is only done to appease the “OMG ITZ BETTA CUZ IT HAZ MOAR STUFF” “people” (as is the 1080p version in 95% of cases).

      • Acid` says:

        hey man “people” are people too

      • Xcal says:

        That’s a pretty good bitrate, should sound fine. I can understand where you’re coming from. If we’re talking about typical run of the mill gear like PC sound cards and skullcandy headphones, then I agree with your sentiments about FLAC. With the right gear, however, you can indeed tell the difference quite readily. This version will doubtless sound better than the TV broadcast so it’s all good either way.

  7. david says:

    I already have GrimRipper’s 720p BD encode of Tsuritama with Commie subs. Can somebody post a comparison or screenshots of the WhyNot’s 720p release?

  8. McPwned says:

    Thanks for the BD release of Tsuritama. It’s certainly the best encode I’ve seen thus far. However, I notice that you omitted the previews found at the end of each episode; I assume that you’ve done so because CR didn’t include (and thus, didn’t sub) them. This may be a bit much to ask, but is it at all possible to release a batch with the previews included? I’m not asking you to sub them, as a tumblrite already translated them when the show aired (http://foolishignis.tumblr.com/tagged/Episode-Preview) – I’d just like to have a complete release with a better encode (as the GrimRipper batch, which includes untranslated previews, looks worse than yours).

    Even if you can’t be bothered with my request, I appreciate you reading it.

    • Quattro says:

      We didn’t omit anything. They weren’t on the BD as far as we could see. It wasn’t a matter of not having translations or not. Not that that would ever matter. It’s not like we couldn’t just translate them if they were included (like we did with R;N BDs).

      I’m going to assume the other BD rips used the NA-BD release, which is why they probably don’t look as good (much lower bit rate due to compression onto fewer disks). We used the JP-BDs.

  9. McPwned says:

    How odd. If the NA BDs were indeed released in August as I am reading on ANN, then the GrimRipper batch couldn’t be sourced from that, as it was released back in April.

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