Toriko Anime, Nura season 2, Bakuman season 2

Oh hell yes. This will be on the top of my priority list for subbing in spring. There is also Sket Dance, Aoi no Exorcist, and Gintama to consider but we shall see. If we decide to pick this up that means we will probably only pick up one (maybe two but doubtful) for the winter with our tl Yuigg. If there is anyone interested in subbing any of these series (or anything really as we are interested in anything) then please contact us.

Oh and because of the raw situation don’t expect Nurarihyon no Mago until at least late Wednesdays for the last couple of episodes. Also, if we can keep getting a ts for it then we will have our own encodes for the final batch but it may be a few weeks after the season ends because these are a bit behind. Once finals are over there will probably be a nice flood of releases (Nura DVDs, Arakawa BDs, Occult BDs) hopefully as we’ll have lots of time to work on them. We also have a ts for tegami 10 and 11 so that’ll happen soon.

tl;dr Toriko is atop our list for spring, Nura Wednesday, got a few tses, finals over = more releases

Nurarihyon no Mago will be getting a second season and we will be continuing it, guaranteed. So glad this is continuing because the manga is just so much better and the end of this season hasn’t been doing it justice. Hopefully it’ll keep airing.

While we won’t be subbing this (guess I shouldn’t say that as it’s a long way away lol), I am really happy this is getting a second season as well. The manga is one of my favorites and I would seriously hate to only get one season of it.

This has been a night full of good news!

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    Please please please do Ao no Exorcist~

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