Thermae Romae – 04

Another post for another picture~

And on an unrelated note this is worth your time: [link] <-- Why are you linking to some amv...?

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7 Responses to Thermae Romae – 04

  1. gaiar31 says:

    this series not end 3 episode?

  2. blackice85 says:

    I hadn’t been watching these but I’ll check them out if you think they’re good, thanks guys

  3. ~IN THE ASS~ says:

    That amv just made my day. XD

  4. Blankaz says:

    As a small thank you I translated the ending into Latin. It may be a bit late, but feel free to use:

    1) Minores undae genitae tactu.

    2) Una pla omni spiritu.

    3) Sapo minor fit

    4) cedens pressurae imbris ex arca.

    5) Maior non fiet.

    6) Ego nudos occursus amo.

    7) Estne se velare ratio,

    8) si mundus plenus rebus non iam pridem visis?

    9) Balneum tibi maiori otio quam usitato sit.

    10) Non est quod festinatione respondeatur.

    11) Speculum tantum nubilum, ut ad sudandum sit.

    12) Lava capita tenerius quam usitate.

    13) Praesertim fessiores sumus.

    14) Balneum tibi maiori otio quam usitato sit.

    15) Unde haec ideae coriunt?

    • Quattro says:

      Wow, thanks. Not sure what we can do with it though. Since I plan on doing the BDs, maybe we’ll offer it as a secondary track during the ED or something for fun.

  5. CRAZEH247 says:

    That AMV is pretty old. But yeah it’s a good one.

    I also personally like these

    A lot more on that VermillionZer0’s channel.

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