Thermae Romae – 02

Another post cause I wanted to post another pic. :3

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9 Responses to Thermae Romae – 02

  1. Sir_Lexa says:

    LOL! And what a pic, awesome sauce. xD

    Thanks for ep2 ^_^

  2. Silencers says:

    Oh god. This show. THIS SHOW.


  3. FFF says:

    Nice Classics.

  4. Qrius says:

    Eto… How do I put this… Rainbow karaoke doesn’t work for this one!!

    A very nice release though – thanks for your hard work!

  5. Auro says:

    Awesomeness aside, I can only wonder how long they can run the show for. The art and concept are certainly different, and it’s certainly entertaining, but how long can you go on about Roman takes on modern Japanese bathing?

    • Quattro says:

      Well, if you read the post right below this one, we mention that it will only run for 3 weeks (being replaced by BRS), and will have 6 short episodes totaling 3 normal length episodes.

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