The World God Only Knows 01

It’s here! This was a serious pain to typeset so I am dead tired from staying up to finish it -_-… We will v2 once we get the OP and ED translated.

The World God Only Knows – 01

v2 patch
The World God Only Knows – 01v2

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13 Responses to The World God Only Knows 01

  1. Kanra_ says:

    Do you have link for the script for this? :3

    • EpicNaruto says:

      We don’t have a link specifically for the script but you can just extract it from the release :P. If you want it, we can see about uploading it for you though.

  2. qwerty says:

    hey is the patch file finished. because the zip seems to be empty???

  3. Dark says:

    The video seem to be blinking at the bottom in v2..
    Since I didn’t watch the v1, so I don’t know this problem occur in v1 or not..
    Please fix it if possible..

  4. BakaPhoenix says:

    Hi! Thanks for this release! Could you use in the next release the untranslated nickname of keima “Otamegame”?
    I think that four eyes lost a part of the japanese name, because is composed by the terms “otaku” and “megame”, so four eyes is only one of the term…

    • EpicNaruto says:

      Not really. Four eyes retains the insult that “ota” adds to “otamegane” as well as the connotation of wearing glasses so it is actually quite perfect. Leaving it untranslated would be wrong because not everyone understands Japanese and the point of the release is to make it so they can watch the show without needing to. Thank you for the feedback though!

      • BakaPhoenix says:

        I’m not convicted yet… I mean, does everyone that love anime,mangas, games etc. wears glasses? Four eyes, is quite effective only for “megame”.Four eyes is usually used to people like nerds, geeks, and so on(and obviolsy to people that wears glasses). So translate a nickname born by the fusion of two words like “otaku” and “megame” i think is really difficult, could it be manga/anime freak nerd? XD that’s why i think that is better to leave it untraslated and adding some notes.

        Anyway, i’m not here to start flame or something similar, I’m just searching for a nice subs for une of my favourite manga XD Indeed i really liked the karaoke and the fact that is a little more cared that the usuall crunchyroll rip ^^

        • EpicNaruto says:

          Well, the thing with otamegane is, it has no direct equivalent that makes sense in English (“glasses nerd” for example makes no sense). It is essentially an insult based on the fact that he wears glasses. Also, otaku does not mean what you think it does in Japanese… It is a general word for nerd unlike how we use it in English. There are anime otaku, manga otaku, video game otaku, idol otaku, music otaku, and pretty much anything you can think of. It IS very difficult to translate lol. The closest translation to how it would be used in English is “four eyes” as far as we can tell (we consulted out tl about it too). Using something like “four eyed nerd” for example, is just bad English and is like saying “you stupid idiot”. Redundant isn’t it?

          Haha, neither am I :P. We appreciate you taking the time to comment and let us know what you think about it! We hope you continue to enjoy our release :). Also, there are no more encode problems! The encoder for this series figured out what caused it and has fixed it.

          • BakaPhoenix says:

            To be honest i really like “you stupid idiot” XD
            Anyway, thanks to the difficulty of the translation i think that leaving the nick “otamegame” and adding a note that explain the term is the better thing to do. There are many anime watchere that aren’t english speaker (as well myself) that probably can’t undestand entirely the meaning of four eyes (maybe if for this that i’m here to comment XD). For example for me the insult “four eyes” is used to refer to a loser or something similar. An otaku is more a weird person like keima that consider reality shit and the “world of galges” perfect.

            However i think i will stop here, because is possible that this discussion will never end (sometimes i’m very stubborn)XD and thanks for your attention and hope that your release can be better and better ^^

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