Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – 01

New project. Things were a bit delayed due to Easter and all, so we’re late to the party this week. Rekyu is the translator. Things’ll go smoother next week. Also, we know about the song in the middle. Encoder thought it was part of the episode and it got left in by accident.

EDIT: Note about phi brain. No simulcast in sight, but it’s just waiting on the encode. Had to reencode cause of hurfing.

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16 Responses to Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – 01

  1. A.Crush says:

    Not really late, most of the other groups doing this just released it in the past few hours/minutes as well.

    Nice to have options though. Thanks for the release.

  2. Verix says:

    Thanks for subbing :]!

  3. DeadHungryMe28 says:

    Is your script delocalized?
    + honorifics?

  4. MissedThePoint says:

    Rekyu TLing this makes me consider this release over UTW-Underwater’s release. Not expecting EveTaku style subs, but at least hope less [of the original feel and message of the story] is lost in the translation, compared to the other releases.

  5. Emwe says:

    So how many manga chapters does the first episode skip?

    I’m trying to find the chapter with the elevator story and haven’t found it yet.

    • Emwe says:

      ok it doesn’t skip so much (2 chapter) but in the manga elevator chapter Kanoe Kirie was far away from introduced.

  6. msa502 says:

    Is Rekyu the same person TLing Sankarea for EveTaku and Hiryuu joint?

  7. chingolin says:

    hi, thanks fot the subs, i just want to ask for an impossible, but maybe i got lucky, look im in a fansub, we subs on spanish, and for tasogare Otome i have choose yours scripts, but i was wondering if you could help me providing me the scripts??

  8. msa502 says:

    03:40 the “if you open this door, I’ll curse you!” sign were out of place.

    • Quattro says:

      We’ve been told. I have a v2 ready that includes a new encode (to fix the derp in the middle), but we’ll probably hold onto it until the batch or something.

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