Saint☆Young Men The Movie

He is risen! Credits: Rekyu (Translator) Congeal (Timer) logarithm (Typesetter) Quattro (Editor, typesetter) COYS (QC) AsuraE (Encoder) 1920×1080 + DTS (the FLAC was massive and pointless, so you get the original 5.1 DTS), 1280×720 + AAC 1080p v2 patch to … Continue reading

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Saint☆Young Men OVA – 02

Credits: Rekyu (Translator) Congeal (Timer) Quattro (Editor, typesetter) COYS (QC) AsuraE (Encoder) Reminder that the BD for the movie is due out 10/23. OVA 02 1v2patch Saint Young Men OVA [DVD 480p] – 0 (DDL)

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Saint☆Young Men – BD Release Date

http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-07-23/saint-young-men-bd/dvd-slated-for-october-23 Have some information about the movie’s release date. Yes, we’re going to do that and the second OVA in August. Now we wait.

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Saint☆Young Men OVA – 01

>mfw surprise OVA. Note: This is a shareraw, which happens to be literally the only version of it available online, so it is what it is. EDIT: Apparently, there was one more. Guess I didn’t catch it because of the … Continue reading

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