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Spring 2015 Plans

I totally forgot about this since I figured it was obvious enough what we’d be doing. We’ll be doing Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Revolutions. That’s probably all we’ll do, as well. Gotta get the BD backlog cleared out.

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Recent SciADV News

Yes, we know about it all. Sign us up for all of it. We’ll get the gang back together and everything. Well, the gang never broke up since we’re still working on the drama CDs and PVs together, but I … Continue reading

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Bodacious Space Pirates Movie

We are subbing this. I received my LE BD earlier today. ETA is soontm, so don’t ask.

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Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love Revolutions

http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2014-11-07/3rd-uta-no-prince-sama-season-title-april-premiere-cast-staff-unveiled/.80809 Yes, we are subbing this. Prepare your bodies.

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Fall 2014 Plans

I know this is more than a little late, but we really just didn’t see anything we felt like working on (we all voted to work on Denkigai, but that’s ts hell so we didn’t want another Meganebu situation). Well, … Continue reading

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Summer 2014 Plans

Well, our picks shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but I’ll list them anyway.

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PAX East 2014

So yea, that happened this past weekend. In case you can’t tell (I wouldn’t blame you), I dressed up as Commando Lux from League of Legends. I only wore the costume for Friday, so not many got to see it. … Continue reading

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Phi Brain S3 – 24 and 25 delayed

Sorry everyone. vale’s out traveling for the next two weeks, so we’ll be using CR for the last two episodes. That means later than usual releases.

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Winter Recruitment Drive

We’re mainly looking for some more QCs, but we’re open to more timers and editors in that order. Read the whole post before submitting any tests. Some of you still aren’t sending in everything.

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Winter 2013 Plans

I figure at least someone might care, so here’s our plans for this season: Continuing Phi Brain S3 (vale). Silver Spoon S2 (CR). Working on our backlogged projects. Yeah, that’s all.

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