Spoiler for Credits

VoiceOfReason (Timer)
killazys (Encoder)
Quattro (Editor, typesetter)

janice (Editor)
Congeal (Timer)
killazys (Encoder)
Quattro (Typesetter)

Glaive (Editor)
Afinon (Timer 2-6)
Riktasi (Timer 8-12)
RandomEntropy (Timer 1)
Congeal (Timer 7)
Quattro (Typesetter, encoder)
Sobre (QC)
MrDrSr (QC)

Rekyu (Translator 1-6 or so)
hongers (Editor)
Congeal (Timer, typesetter)
Quattro (Encoder, typesetter)

Glaive (Editor)
Congeal (Timer)
Riktasi (Timer)
Quattro (Typesetter, encoder, editor)
harbl (QC)
Sobre (QC)

Glaive (Editor)
RandomEntropy1 (Timer)
AsuraE (Encoder 1-3)
Quattro (Encoder 4-12, typesetter)

Bodacious Space Pirates
Sakamichi no Apollon
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Mouretsu 19 is a new encode. No patch. The rest have various amounts of fixes, but all have at least a few (updated ED for 1-16, etc). And Quattro made the call to change the title to the official English title, so bitch at him. Also, a note about the BDs: They’ll get done once we wrap up the Steins;Gate BDs, since AsuraE is back.
Tasogare 1 is a new encode. No patch.

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21 Responses to SURPRISE

  1. Alex says:

    Thanks for that.

    Small note: At least for me, the new Mouretsu 19 doesn’t check out against the batch torrent – it’s currently redownloading that episode (plus, strangely, the last few % of 18 and the first few % of 20). Zetman seems fine. Didn’t have the others.

    • Quattro says:

      Checks out for me. Try downloading it from our bot on IRC instead.

    • T_K says:

      Alex, some notes on Mouretsu 19. As MrDrSr stated in the post, this EP is a new encode with a new HASH, so naturally the filenames don’t match up. The reason you see the torrent grabbing the pieces of EPs 18 and 20 is because these bits aren’t actually part of those episodes – it’s a small amount of padding data inserted when the torrent was made torrent client itself. Think of it as the “packaging data” around EP 19 – similar to the box around a retail product.

      • AsuraE says:

        Except that he was saying that the new ep 19 doesn’t check out (ie he was getting a corrupt version of the new encode).

      • Alex says:

        Yeah, it’s not really a problem… I just wanted to seed the batch torrent after patching the episodes I had, and was surprised it started downloading that segment instead. As I have already deleted the old versions, I can’t reproduce the problem anyway – so if it’s fine for everyone else, there’s nothing that needs to be done.

  2. kfrooster says:

    Thank you very much. =D

  3. Rob says:

    Thank you, this is SURPRISE. Whoever does patch’s; thanks you, very good patching system, thank you for your work too.

  4. asd says:

    What happened in the fansub-community? Why suddenly nobody puts v2 or v3 in the filenames anymore?

    • Quattro says:

      What are you talking about? All the batches besides Mouretsu has them. I deemed it unnecessary for Mouretsu because EVERY episode has been changed (the title included), so it would’ve just been messy and confusing.

      • asd says:

        Oh, I have to admit, I only checked Mouretsu. However, recently I found batches from some other groups that also lacked the designations. So I feared this is becoming a new trend in the community…
        While I can see how it could be confusing in combination with the changed title, the potential confusion of someone aware of both titles but not of which came first should also be considered. At a later point in time, it would be easier to identify which the newer versions are, were the designations present in the filename.

        • Quattro says:

          Or they could download the batch. Or check which was released last. Or realize that a batch version after the weekly releases would be updated. Or just use common sense.

          • AsuraE says:

            ahahaha common sense on the internet. Oh you :>

          • asd says:

            Well, I check my files normally against anidb. However, reading v2 or v3 or something similar in the filename is way easier and faster than comparing CRCs. ^^
            While it is reasonable for a batch after the weekly releases to be updated, two weeks after the download is finished, how do you see if the files you have are those from the batch? And why should the file from the batch necessarily be the latest version?

          • Quattro says:

            Do you even think about what you say?

            First, fuck anidb. Second, who said anything about comparing crc? Use nyaa or TT. It’s all there in the order it was released. Not to mention, a batch torrent is exactly that, the batch torrent. The files are the only versions you should keep.

            And how is it our problem if you forget what you downloaded…? Also, how does it make any sense at all for the batch to not have the final versions of releases? That’s the whole point of a batch release.

          • asd says:

            well, nyaa will give me a .torrent, which I would have to start to see if it verifies the files to be the ones in the .torrent, which I can not do while connected to a network that forbids torrent. (so I’ll have to wait till the weekend when I’m home on my own network)
            Alternatively I could click “show files” on nyaa, but then I’m back to comparing CRCs.

            As for the batch not being the final version, imagine the following scenario:
            – batch release.
            – about 6 h later: “Oops we screwed up ep 4 in the batch, here is a patch.”
            – about another 12 h later: “Here is a new batch including the new ep 4”

            and suddenly you have 2 different batch releases, only one containing final versions.
            While I’m not aware of WhyNot having done something like that (jet), I’ve seen it happen with other Groups. So no I do not automatically assume final just because it is a batch. In fact I tend to think of fansub releases like of software releases: There is never a final, only a most recent. ^^

            One last Question: What is TT? I’ve never heard of it, so there may be a way to sort file-versions out that I’m not jet aware of.

          • Quattro says:

            What are you even talking about… Use the dates released on nyaa first of all. Second, the latest released would be the latest version. Common sense. And who would release multiple batches and simply leave old ones up? Even if there were two, the latest released would be the latest versions. Not sure how that’s confusing.

            TT = tokyotosho.

          • AsuraE says:

            I think what he’s failing at trying to say is that it gets confusing for him to tell the difference between a newer batch and the original batch he downloaded (this is in a hypothetical situation where a screw up required a completely new batch for a series) since there’s no v2 in the file name. This is of course despite the fact that this situation for Mouretsu is completely different to other series since even the file naming was changed (according to the first reply – idk exactly because I never followed the series past the third BDMV). Common sense would say that in the case he’s talking about (a renewed batch), v2 tags would be used, like in every other series. Why? Because mouretsu was a damn exception that was explained in the first reply.

            tl;dr – He didn’t read your first reply and/or can’t draw simple conclusions.

          • janice says:

            there’s no v2 or v3 in the filenames because fansubbers don’t make mistakes.

          • asd says:

            Of course the latest releasedate is the newest version, however that does not tell me whether the files on my hdd are the files from that release or whether I need to update the files I have. To find that out I have 3 options: 1. Start the torrent, to see if the files already on disk check out. (which as mentioned may not always possible) 2. Compare if the CRC in the filename in the release matches the CRC in the filename of the files I already have. Or 3. See if the v2, v3, vX matches between the release and the files I have. (easiest, but only possible if the version-marker is present. ^^)

          • Quattro says:

            Well, if you mean in general, then I can’t help you because versions tags are normally used, but if you are talking about Mouretsu, that’s plenty obvious since I said every episode has fixes and we even changed the file names, so it would be pointless to include version #s. There is only one version under that title.

  5. Christian Garcia says:

    can anyone seed Tsuritama?

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