Summer recruitment drive

We’d like several more typesetters, timers, and QCs.

So, the summer season is coming uphere and we could use some more staff (you’d think people have more free time in the summer).


Translators – As always, we need ’em. We only have two translators (vale and Yuigg) currently. If you’d like to translate a certain series, we’ll take it into consideration. A translator may be responsible for songs, TLCing, and maybe the occasional OVA/special (rare but it happens) aside from whatever series. If you can’t do a weekly series, we could still use your help with the other parts.

Timers – I’m sick of scouring the staff for someone to time something when the main timer responsible for a series is busy that day and no one else is able to. Therefore, more timers are needed.

Typesetters – We only have one dedicated typesetter, and one leader who typesets everything because no one else can. Need more.

QC – A simple and easy job, but we need some more people. Most of the time you’ll be idling in the channel waiting for a release to be thrown at you for QCing, so we need people who are online a lot with an attention to detail.

For more information on the positions (or tests) visit the link at the top.

The best way to get yourself noticed is to drop by the IRC channel #WhyNot? and talk to Quattro/Yoki and send an email to (be sure to do BOTH so you’re not forgotten). Or, talk to any staff and they will proceed to heckle Quattro/Yoki into doing something.

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21 Responses to Summer recruitment drive

  1. Suka says:

    I think nura doesn’t deserve a BD; a batch would be likely…

  2. kache says:

    Sadly I cannot help you, being that my japanese is not good enough to translate and I am not able to do the other jobs, but I wish you good luck.
    Your hard work deserves it.

  3. --- says:

    For the QC, is it checking for flow and grammar? or is it just checking the translations?

    • Quattro says:

      A QC is supposed to check over a release candidate and report errors in editing, timing, typesetting, encoding, styling, etc. No Japanese knowledge is required though (that’s another position, TLC).

  4. Kethry says:

    Is the inability to download via IRC a complete offput? Because I’d love to help, but no matter how much I configure my computer, I can only chat and not download.

  5. Kethry says:

    I’m using the built-in chat that Opera has since that’s my main browser. I can always try mIRC and let you know.

  6. I would love to help, but my Japanese is ‘good’ but only to roughly understand RAW’s a little bit but not really for translating ^^’

    I wish I could help with either one of the other positions, but I don’t have any experience in those catagories ^^’

  7. crazykaran says:

    I dont mind being a tlc, since i have a lot of free time. Plus im good at finding mistakes and correcting them. Especially anything having to do with English or Video Editing (Includes subing).

  8. ichihollow says:

    im in for QCing a few times a week, as long as it doesn’t turn out to be a few times a day like hatsuyuki.

    • AsuraE says:

      Well, considering we’re doing 6 shows this season you probably wouldn’t have to QC more than one show a day (unless maybe something happens like we finally work on a BD project and all the other QCs are dead or too stoned to do anything ;) ). But out of curiosty, what happened that ended up with you QCing multiple times a day?

    • AsuraE says:

      Oh right, go bug Quattro in the IRC channel. I always forget to say that :|

  9. Force Gaia says:

    I’m a Qc’er for another group, but could help with QC for now until term starts between timing eps for PCSS should you want help

    I won’t do timing for you guys though as i’ve got enough of that to do being the lone timer for PCSS

    • Force Gaia says:

      scratch that, I’ve just seen how you treat people whose opinions differ slightly from your own. I doubt we’d work well together

      • AsuraE says:

        You can watch Doki and Ayako without seeing any mistakes, so I doubt you’d work as a QCer anyway ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ You also can’t seem to QC your own post so… But I’m confused about one thing… was it the confirmed for shit taste or neckbeard call that hit a nerve? Because pretty much the entire anime watching community is confirmed for shit taste and that neckbeard call wasn’t directed at you so…

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