Steins;Gate The Movie: Fuka Ryouiki no Deja vu – PV2

Surprise (again)~
Video was originally taken from youtube again, so forgive everything about it. Was mostly done last night, but I was too tired to typeset/translate signs.

Quattro translated, timed, and typeset. ReadingSteiner tlc’d and translated signs.

We’ll be doing the movie, of course.

Torrent | DDL

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27 Responses to Steins;Gate The Movie: Fuka Ryouiki no Deja vu – PV2

  1. NostalgiaDriver says:

    HYPE! (Too bad the Blu-Ray release will probably be a long time coming…)

    Looks like it’ll be a very interesting story. I half expected there wouldn’t be time travel because it’s in the Steins Gate world line, but what is Steins;Gate without time travel anyway? (Sure, there’s the OVA, but that’s not good movie material.) At any rate, I’ll have make sure to avoid spoilers.

  2. dirtyharry says:

    Awesome. Thanks for this.

    If most of recent anime movies’ BD release anything to go by, this one also will probably comes out 6 months after its theatrical release.

  3. CEMPUNK says:

    The only real question is

    The DVD should come right after the theater by…3-4 months, the question is when will WhyNot Grab a hold of the DVD and release subs, is yet to be answered…

  4. Laurux says:

    Hell yeah!
    Can’t wait… Okabe disappears, Makise is time-leaping and… TU TURUU!

  5. Leon says:

    I am sure if the movie come out on April 20 you will be able to see a crappy cam version on April 21 and wait 6 month for the good version. I am touch by the trailer already, no matter what timeline you are in, I will find you.

  6. QUICKSORT says:

    I thank you guys very much.

  7. tria says:

    request Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods please :)

  8. CEMPUNK says:

    Yeah about that, I think I found something about the “movie” HOWEVER IM NOT SURE !!! someone needs to tell us what does this link say:

  9. Kentrei says:

    Question about this project: When do you think the movie will be out so you can dub it, and how long do you think it will take to dub? Not to push you guys or anything, I absolutely love the work you put into the subs and my friends and I sort of freaked when we discovered that this was an actual thing :P

    • AsuraE says:

      At the very earliest, the BD will be out six months after the theatrical release, so that’s about four months from now iirc. Subbing will most likely take forever simply due to the fact that encoding Steins;Gate well is on the same level as dressing an actual pig up to a point where a guy would actually go for it.

  10. Djakk says:


    • Meeeeeeeeee says:

      Well, it will take about 2 and a half months until it’s released on Blue Ray/DvD and then it will take a long time before getting subbed so yeah, this is gonna take a while and you’re gonna have to wait for quite a while…

      • tom12 says:

        So um guessing it will come out around the end of this year… i sure hope so.. um dying to see this. :'(

        Any chance for it come out during mid october :P
        i guess not (>___>)

        oh almost forgot Did they announce the BD/DVD release date?

  11. maul says:

    the BD/DVD release had been announced to be in December :'(
    still a long way to go..

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