Steins;Gate – Sōmei Eichi no Cognitive Computing – 02

Here’s the second IBM short, Navigation. Two left. We can probably expect them to be once a week too. I ended up doing everything myself this week (base translation is from IBM though), since Afinon and Steiner are asleep for a while longer. Acid` helped out with a QC. It’ll go up on Steiner’s youtube page after he gets up. See you next week~

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8 Responses to Steins;Gate – Sōmei Eichi no Cognitive Computing – 02

  1. kiryu-kun says:

    Can’t download the ddl…

  2. yo says:

    Heh, that was good fun. Now -that- is an enticing reason~

    Thanks! Doubly so for doing it more or less yourself.

  3. Thanks very much; it’s very appreciated.

  4. Edelweiss says:

    Fucking based, thanks for doing these.
    The official subs suck.

  5. Lukas~ says:

    Thanks, you are the best!

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