Steins;Gate Fuka Ryouiki no Deja vu – Update

Since people are constantly asking us about this (we have no secret information about this that everyone else doesn’t know already), here’s an update.

The BD will be released on December 13, 2013. It will include English subtitles and two new dramas cd. We’re going to TLC and edit those, instead of bothering to translate it from scratch. It’ll be the same people who always work on sciADV series for us (Quattro, Steiner, Afinon, COYS). We will be releasing the new drama cds as well. I already have the movie on preorder, and since I live in Japan, there won’t be any delays getting the BD. That’s all we have for you until December. No more asking for an update until then.

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66 Responses to Steins;Gate Fuka Ryouiki no Deja vu – Update

  1. Rin says:

    Wooo Im looking forward to it! :D

  2. FOXHOUNDER1014 says:

    How’s the progress on the radio dramas going?

  3. FGC204 says:

    You guys don’t have confidence the subtitles will be decent so you will adjust those subtitles from the offical release? Hmm…I wonder if i should buy the special edition or just wait for funimation’s release. You could be like those guy’s who translated the steins;gate visual novel. Jast ended up buying their translation. Make an offer to japan, saying “we’ll translate it if you pay us?” Then the actual bd/dvd release would have quality subtitles from WhyNot themselves. It would be something to be proud about.

    • KingFisher says:

      i doubt they’d pay. More like probably won’t happen. They might take the free labor though. It’s japan’s anime industry. >_<

  4. bladevii says:

    Sorry, noob here but what does TLC mean? I’m assuming it’s translation check.

  5. MiiMii says:

    December. Well. Brb time traveling / hibernating / going into a coma until then.

  6. alyu314 says:

    for the drama cd’s will this include the comedy ones as well? like the one with okarin getting stuck in an Eroge.

  7. Rizky says:

    So this is the actual info. Surfing to any weird place to get the movie, so that I’m being deceived for wasting time went there…

    well, december it is
    El, Psy, Congroo

  8. krappyberry says:

    Sooooooooo clooooooooooseeeeeee

  9. Rav says:

    December 13
    Let’s wait.

  10. Cempunk says:

    the movie is out, it can be found online ^^

    I guess you guys should be busy now

  11. Cempunk says:

    Can we get a release date approx maybe?

    • AsuraE says:

      Like it’s already been said, the same time as before.

      • Cempunk says:

        Decemeber 13? Oh i think I misunderstood Quattro, I thought you guys were working on the 480p rip

        • AsuraE says:

          Okay, this is the last time this will be said. On 13th December the blu-ray for the Steins;Gate movie will be released. We do not know how quickly it will be uploaded – it may take half a day or half a year. When we get this blu-ray, I will be encoding it for release. Therefore our release time is dependant on when the blu-ray is uploaded, not released. When we say we’re working on the 480 rip, that means we’re using it to get shit out of the way first, such as translation, editing, etc. As stated previously, we will not be releasing on that piece of shit.

  12. Cempunk says:

    Alright that clears up confusion thanks Asura

  13. D00d says:

    If you finish the subtitle before December 13th, why don’t you release it? I honestly don’t see why you won’t release it for the 480p video that’s out there.

    Tbh, I don’t even see a reason for making a sub on December 13th if the Blue-ray comes with the sub.

    • Quattro says:

      Because a shitty hardsubbed Chinese rip is not up to our standard. We would never release that kind of quality.

      And I guess you don’t want to see the movie then? We could just keep the BD for ourselves instead of releasing it. But if you mean why translate it now instead of waiting, then that’s because who knows what the quality of the subs will be like anyway. We can produce a high quality script before the BD is even out that we know is good and have it ready to use months in advance. Not sure why we wouldn’t.

      If you meant why translate it ourselves instead of using the BD subs assuming there was no rip, we weren’t going to if you read the last update post about this. We would have just fixed those up.

      • Quattro says:

        And since people seem confused, I never said we wouldn’t post the script on the blog. I said we would never release using that shitty hardsubbed chinese rip. There’s a difference.

  14. Screwyouguys says:

    what a shame

  15. worazel says:

    Please publish scripts when you’re done. If I beg would that change anything ? :P

  16. Titorz says:

    So you guys will actually release the script when you’re done? That’s fucking awesome, thank you so much!

    Has any progress been made yet with the translation? What’s your estimate, when will it be done?

    Thank again. I know some fans might seem outright rude to you, but that is only because of their impatience and their inability to control their emotions. I truly appreciate the fact that you are taking your own time to translate this for us, thank you.

  17. Deda says:

    Are there any news of this? Please guys, keep us informed! How is the progress going?

  18. omg guys please hurry up with this! thx!

  19. hphuc92 says:

    Hello there, l’m a big fan of Steins;Gate, and l think your translation is the best l could find, so l wanna use it to translate into Vietnamese. Is that allowed?
    Please reply soon.

  20. someone10 says:

    Any update for this??

  21. Leeroy says:

    wish i had spent more time learning japanese now :(

  22. Gar says:

    Only a little more than a month~ I am getting excited :)

  23. KyoShire says:

    Counting the days to release … 23 days :D Im so bored during winter holidays

  24. MyJohnny says:

    1 more day before BD releases, yeay

  25. drack fareli says:

    wooohooo 13th is here

  26. gray says:

    today is goona be a good day..

  27. ihsanbi3an says:

    wafuuu, the day is coming xD

  28. Gar says:

    DECEMBER 13!

  29. 6jan says:

    Any updates?

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