Steins;Gate ep 23v2 patch

Because apparently nobody can find it in the batch post. Minor script fixes and the chapter file has been fixed so that shitty players like VLC can seek properly again.

S;G 720p 23v2

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12 Responses to Steins;Gate ep 23v2 patch

  1. Pzc says:

    Appreciated, as always =)

  2. Shawn263241 says:

    Thanks. Is this patch patchier/newer than the final batch?

  3. BAKA-SAN? says:

    Are you guys going to sub the Nurarihyon OVAS?

  4. castor212 says:

    Do I need this patch if I use Klite and MPC?

  5. Corbyn says:

    Copy/Pasting like a boss:

    I re-inserted the romaji karaoke into the episodes that were missing them (I think I got all of them) and can be downloaded here:

    If you find any episodes that are missing karaoke, let me know and I’ll update my patch. I can be found on as Corbyn or Corbyn|Status. I’m usually idling in #WhyNot?

  6. Fignuts says:

    Any chance you will put up a torrent without ordered chapters? Otherwise I’m going have to learn how to undo them. Since I’m really lazy, I’d appreciate it.

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