Steins;Gate Drama CD – Gamma

[WhyNot] Steins;Gate Drama CD Gamma - Part 01 [720p FLAC][A023F639].mkv_snapshot_03.15_[2013.12.13_21.32.11]

We promised we’d have this done before the movie. Here it is~ Link to Steiner’s blog post.

A few things to note about this release…
The video was made entirely from scratch by MrDrSr. Everything. Even this title screen. Even the divergence meter. Everything. He went above and beyond what anyone expected. This release makes use of ordered chapters so that no matter what you open, it’ll play as if it were a single file (assuming they’re all in the same folder). Update your splitter if it doesn’t play. Alpha and Beta will done in the same format as well.

Info: 1280×720, FLAC
Steiner (Translator)
MrDrSr (Video creator)
Quattro (Editor/tlc)
Afinon (Timer)

Torrent | DDL

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69 Responses to Steins;Gate Drama CD – Gamma

  1. shinobigod says:

    in what order do you watch the drama cds?

  2. demasiorus says:

    I really love you guys, thanks for this!

  3. KjdWizard says:

    thank you, WhyNot. I hope you’ll release BD of movie soon :D

  4. Reizeron says:

    MPC crashes every time I try to play it.

    • Quattro says:

      Works fine for me. It uses ordered chapters though, so maybe something isn’t updated? LAV filter perhaps?

    • FNKA says:

      update the latest LAV filter version and it will work.

    • Do you remember how many pazurus you've solved in your life? says:

      I had the same problem. This is what I did to solve it:
      Find “Haali media splitter” in the start menu, open media splitter settings, go to the Options tab, find “Try to open linked files” under Input and change it’s value from Yes to No, click Ok.
      Then it worked.

    • yetisyny says:

      I have the same exact problem as Reizeron and Killian Khoo. Media Player Classic, or any other media player I use that is based on DirectShow filters built into Windows (e.g. Windows Media Player, etc.) crashes when I open it. However I have a fix for the problem. I have the latest version of mkvtoolnix, v6.6.0, installed on my computer and I ran the videos through mkvmerge v6.6.0, remuxed them. This fixed it and now it works perfectly. The .mkv files in the torrent are incompatible with the Haali Media Splitter. I think they work on LAV Filters’ splitter for Matroska, and probably also work in VLC Media Player. I use Haali Media Splitter for Matroska usually so that is why I had this problem too (it usually does a better job than LAV Filters’ splitter on most Matroska videos I’ve tried, these ones seem to be the exception to that rule). But running it through mkvmerge v6.6.0 for a remux fixes everything, after I do that it is compatible with ALL commonly used Matroska splitters, and correctly plays the 8 parts as one continuous hour-long video.

      As for madVR, yes I use madVR too, it isn’t the video renderer that is crashing things with these videos, it is the Matroska/MKV splitter (on Windows, either Haali Media Splitter or LAV Filters splitter or the built-in splitter in VLC Media Player). So to fix it, the 2 options are:

      1) Remux videos in mkvmerge. (my preferred option)
      2) Don’t use Haali Media Splitter, use LAV Filters as your Matroska splitter or watch in VLC Media Player instead. (not preferred by me… VLC Media Player has inferior video quality to madVR renderer, and LAV Filters’ splitter doesn’t have as good options for getting subtitles to display by default as Haali Media Player… it is difficult to configure LAV Filters to display subtitles that are not default or forced and don’t have a language selected)

      By the way, if you DO want to use LAV Filters, and want subtitles to work properly for all anime you watch, you should go to the LAV Filters splitter settings, change Subtitle Selection Mode to Advanced, and then in the second field, the preferred languages for subtitles, enter in the following string: “*:eng|f;*:eng|d;*:eng;*:*|f;*:*|d;*:*” without the quotation marks. Then it will work just as well as Haali Media Splitter at subtitle selection. But I usually use Haali Media Splitter instead because this is too much of a pain. However I might change that and use LAV Filters’ splitter instead from now on, now that I have had this problem with these videos not working in Haali Media Splitter and crashing whatever media players I play them in when using Haali Media Splitter.

  5. Link0306 says:

    Yes, it’s finally time! Thanks a lot guys!

  6. Handsome says:

    Does the movie box contain “Steins;Gate Drama CD Pandemia of Artificial Machinery” and “Steins;Gate Drama CD Pandemia of Artificial Machinery” as well? the one with a girl that with black hair and green eyes who knows kurisu

  7. sroastica says:

    Thanks a lot for this!!

  8. Bneundh says:

    Will you translate every drama cd there is of steins;gate?

    • Quattro says:

      Probably not all of them. Depends on Steiner, but we’re open to anything not the fanservice fluff ones (you know the ones I’m talking about).

      • Bneundh says:

        Okay. I hope you everything sans the fanservice stuff. Thanks for all of your hard works by the way :)

      • alexcalibur3000 says:

        So which Drama CD’s are included with the movies? I bought the movie, but I don’t actually know which CD’s are in here… There are 3 drama cd discs in the case, plus the Amazon bonus drama CD.

        And there’s also a drama CD they included in one of their sets at comiket that I have. Is that one of the fanservice fluff ones? I don’t know the ones you are talking about :(

  9. myfavoritetutturuu~ says:

    Cant play with haali-ffdshowtryout-mpchc-madvr, it crashes. Everything up to date.
    You guys used some bleeding edge thingy for this one? It works with lavfilters though.
    Oh, the problem was haali, it cant split this. Use something else,
    mpchc integrated mkv splitter for example.

  10. Chewi105 says:

    Thanks, MrDrSr :D

  11. Starchaser says:

    Thanks alot -^ I enjoyed it is it all the same file? or different stories?

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  13. mistrcaboose says:

    Kudos to Steiner and MrDrSr, especially to the latter for what an awesome job he did putting in all of the little extra touches. Applause all around. :]

  14. addityo says:

    Thanks WhyNot..
    cant wat for the other part, and the movie too of course..

  15. The translations for the Alpha radio drama are right here on this MyAnimeList forum. It isn’t a subtitled video like this one, though. Just the text. Still, reading it while listening to the audio clips on my iPod worked well.

    Will future translations of Steins;Gate dramas be like this? Also, can we expect the movie soon? Thanks.

  16. RazzlDazzl says:

    Wow…Thanks for all your work!

  17. lrenaud says:

    Very well done. I’d be interested in a short post about how everything was put together.

  18. baldr says:

    Hmm I don’t understand one thing. What was to contents of the d-mail okabe sent in the end? And whom it was addressed to? How did it undo the Y2K?

  19. Sayjin says:

    Anyone happen to have a direct download for this? My torrent client won’t allow me to torrent it due to the semi-colon in the name.

  20. danifae says:

    Magnificent production value, MrDrSr! I’m impressed! Keep up the excellent work~

  21. Sayjin says:

    Sweet, renaming it seems to have worked. Thanks.

  22. halium says:

    Thank you that was amazing. definitely will fill the gap until the movie arrives

  23. DivergenceJumper says:

    Wow, what a magnificent work of art ^^ this is amazing! seriously, great job MrDrSr :O

    So Alpha and Beta are going to be done next?? I’m so pumped for Beta specifically. I’m willing to wait as long as it takes…. even if it means jumping to another world line to have these ^^

  24. Part 7, @ 6:11: Hashida Itaru, untie them.
    Shouldn’t it be “tie”?

  25. Curry puffs says:

    This stuff is great. Thanks to all the staff that worked on this especially MrDrSr for the extra effort put into this.

  26. Anon says:

    Just saw first few episodes, and it’s fuking superb. Cannot thank enough for this release

  27. orangeluster says:

    That was perfect!

  28. Aramis says:

    So is there any info when we might see the rest of these Drama CD’s subbed by you?
    Not that I’m in any rush. You’ve done really good job with this first one and the movie so I’ll gladly wait as long as it takes. As it’s obvious that making the scenes like in this release will take a while.

    Thank you very much for your work with S;G.

  29. Reaper says:

    Seriously, I cannot say thanks enough for this. It’s one thing to actually hear the translated CD drama, but a whole other beast to see it this way! Awesome work, eagerly awaiting Alpha & Beta!

  30. soawkalm says:

    First of all, I’d like to say great work with the video, it looks awesome.

    Secondly, are you absolutely sure about that?
    I’m certainly no expert in Japanese, but it really does look like a minor translation error. “Tie them up” seems like a much better fit.

    “Hashida Itaru, futari o shibatte”
    Literally “bind the two people”

    Apart from the discrepancy in the moon, it doesn’t make sense in context either, as no-one gets tied up:
    – Okabe and Moeka had the lab members at gunpoint and on their knees, facing the wall.
    – Okabe is about to turn away and leave Moeka to watch them while he sends the dmail, but they realise Suzuha’s missing.
    – Suzuha bursts in, taking out Okabe.
    – Mokea aims her gun at Suzuha, but she uses Okabe as a human shield.
    – Suzuha takes out Moeka.
    – There’s the click of Okabe’s gun being cocked.
    – Suzuha says “The tables have turned”. (Okabe and Moeka are now on the floor, with Suzuha pointing Okabe’s gun at them)
    – The other lab members congratulate Suzuha.
    And then this line comes along…

    Suzuha has knocked Okabe and Moeka to the floor, and taken Okabe’s gun, Moeka’s was presumably knocked out of her hand during the fight. She can’t afford to keep it pointed at the pair of them forever, (she’s also probably aware of bravo team’s imminent arrival), so having Daru tie them up is a logical choice.

    • Quattro says:

      MrDrSr had nothing to do with the translation or editing, so I don’t know why you’d sperg over his response, but holy shit. Yes, it’s an error. Better now?

  31. soawkalm says:

    Sorry about that. I didn’t realise how over the top that post was until you pointed it out to me. I’d noticed the translation hiccup on a rewatch, but found someone else already had spotted it, and had gotten a response to the contrary from someone on the staff. I was unsure if I might have missed a sound effect prior to the fight that implied the lab members being tied up, or if there was a word in Japanese with similar pronunciation and different meaning.
    I didn’t intend for it to turn into a wall of text that sounds like it was written by a douchebag.

  32. thanks for the upload :)
    btw is there a patch for a v2 , i get a sub delay at 50mins and onwards

  33. sss says:

    thank you

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  36. John Smith says:

    Does it include the source files?

  37. Jun says:

    Just a simple question . Do I have to play all parts ? Because for now I’ve only downloaded part 1 till 3 and all those video shows the same thing . Am I missing something ? :o

  38. Some Dude says:

    You, sir, are a hero and a wonderful human being. Thanks!

  39. Atl4s says:

    Love you people. Thanks a lot.

  40. OnyxGuy says:

    Thanks again for the release, are there still plans to do Alpha and Beta? I still have some hope for them!

  41. santa8chan says:

    You guys made such great work, its llooks amazing XD. First time I come here and from Steiner’s blog (1st too there). Love your wokr no, Im a fan xD. Keep it up.

  42. Daniel Plata says:

    Just wanted to tell you:

    ‘Thank you for your work. This is simply awesome.’

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