Steins;Gate Drama CD Gamma – Part 01 Test

[WhyNot] Steins;Gate Drama CD Gamma - Part 01 [03C83B2A].mkv_snapshot_03.15_[2013.04.10_15.14.04]

Gotta a little something special we want some feedback on.

Test 1:
Test 2:

Here’s a sample of what the Steins;Gate Drama CD releases will be like. It’s Part 01 of Gamma.

MrDrSr made the video entirely from scratch (title screen and divergence meter included). We’ve given him a bunch of feedback already, and this is what we’ve come to as representative of the final release, so I figured I’d ask you guys what you think of it. We have FLAC versions of the Drama CDs, so I’m debating about whether to release them as FLAC or AAC. This sample uses FLAC. Let me know what you think on that as well.

Just in case anyone asks, credits:
Steiner (Translator)
MrDrSr (Video creator)
Quattro (Editor/tlc)
Afinon (Timer)

NOTE: This is not the release, but a sample representative of what we will be releasing. Take it for what it is.

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51 Responses to Steins;Gate Drama CD Gamma – Part 01 Test

  1. Trink says:

    Loved it.

  2. baldr says:

    WOW! You guys are awesome!!

  3. noice says:

    inb4 complaints about file size.

  4. Spiller says:

    I liked the VN style very much, great idea.

    I prefer FLAC over AAC, not because I believe I can hear the difference, but because lossless formats are future proof. I’m more than willing to spend a few extra bytes on that.
    But I don’t quite understand why you would consider AAC. If you really cared about filesize, you wouldn’t spend 3GB an hour on video which just contains a series of still images…

  5. Doommaker says:

    I don’t usually comment on your releases ever, but this was DAMN impressive. I cannot WAIT till the final product!

  6. BlackGin says:

    This was really good, excited for the full version and rest of them.

  7. baldr says:

    By the way I prefer the first version. :-)

    • Quattro says:

      Without the slowly appearing text and just the fade? I’d like to hear your reason.

      Most people seem to be leaning towards the second one that mimics the VN more.

      • baldr says:

        Yep. I actually use this setting (show at once, no animation) in VNs as well because I sometimes read faster then the text appears. Anyway if other prefer the second way, use it. I don’t mind that much because it’s just awesome anyway. You got me pretty excited with this test release, keep up the good work! ;-)

  8. Choob says:

    So is this set prior to the movie or is it just an alternate scenario? By the way, thanks for the preview. I’ll be looking forward to the final release. I’m fine with either version, though the second version with the vn-esque subs was pretty sweet.

    • You can see in the subs, Okabe says “I’m sure that I just sent a D-mail to turn Rukako back into a guy…”
      The scenario is one in which Okabe’s attempt to undo Ruka’s mail goes horribly wrong.

  9. OHGOD says:


  10. Frau says:

    The date released on 20 Apri, “Why Not?Subs” will be released in english sub approximately when that date?

  11. Frau says:

    So the BD version will be released on when that date? & When Why Not? Subs, will be subbing this movie project? I want to know that :D

  12. Nailo says:

    Whoa, great job.

    I also prefer the second version.

    Were the Moeka models in the original VN, or am I just being forgetful? :>

    Again, great job, looking forward for more!

  13. anon138 says:

    I prefer the second version but I think it would look even better with an outline, and even though the quality difference from AAC to FLAC is barely noticeable I prefer FLAC, might as well go Lossless for archiving purposes.

  14. elmaton04 says:

    Keep the FLAC since it doesn’t take that much space anyway.

  15. elmaton04 says:

    After watching both, I prefer the first version since it has a more of an anime style look. The second one just feels like playing a VN

  16. Sopherion says:

    I’m very impressed, great job! I prefer the second version and FLAC.

  17. 1.048596 says:

    That was really good, I have to say the second one felt more appropriate with the VN feel… as for audio it doesn’t really matter to me, but might as well go with FLAC since space really isn’t an issue for me. Looking forward to the release!

  18. Dusty says:

    That was really impressive. If I didn’t download it from here, I would’ve guessed it was an official release of some kind. I don’t have a preference for either test; I didn’t even notice what the difference was between them. Just here give props to the deserving parties. (^^)=d I’ll be waiting eagerly for the full version. Thanks for the great work!

  19. MiiMii says:

    late response but oh well. Second one for me too (the non instant text). Couldn’t tell audio difference.

  20. Rpyleoh says:

    I realize this is a really late post, but I figured I’d add to this anyways. These samples were REALLY amazing! I personally prefer the second one, how the text slowly appears. A possible idea, I think it’d look nice to have the text appear a little more slowly, and end slightly before they finish speaking. Just my preference. Anyways, appreciate the hard work you all are putting in to this!

  21. Anaxagoras says:

    Absolutely great! Only found out about it now. I’m really thankful to see you guys going the extra mile, making the drama CD even better then it originally was.

    For my preferences, I mostly agree with everyone else: 2nd version with FLAC audio.

  22. Bacon says:

    Thanks for the preview, it’s definitely a lot better than the original youtube downloads.The manga feel makes it easier to get into

  23. Zacky says:

    WhyNot subs, may I know when are you guys gonna sub the others? Is there like a timeline for it or something?

  24. Zacky says:

    I meant sub the other drama CDs. Especially the comptiq ones.

  25. qq says:

    I love you guys so much for doing this. So much effort put into subbing a drama CD.

    I personally like the fade better since I like being able to read the text all at once without waiting for the animation. That and the fade animation just looks more aesthetically pleasing to me.

  26. Haiyami says:

    Please do the rest of this drama cd and the other steins;gate drama cds.

  27. Whoa this is amazing will all of them be translated?

  28. MrDrSr says:

    Eventually™. I really need to start working on these again…

  29. ThaRemo says:

    That was really wel made! Can’t wait until they’re all done :D

  30. NightBring says:

    Wow, I never expect it to be this good O_O
    anyway I only watched the 1st vid, Damn internet too slow!! Err.. put it aside I like the structure you or “all” of you used, the background,the character and the title page. I’m greatly impressed on the idea having a design on the subtitles. For me, I read faster than the text appears so the first vid is a thumbs-up but I don’t know the other people’s perspective(if they read slower than me). About the FLAC or AAC? I really don’t know about that (I’ll research more about that).

    This suggestion may be a bit late, but I wish you can put the background picture (I don’t know if its a moving picture or not because I forgot) when the divergence meter changes and the flashing effect when its stops changing…like in the original VN. But the time used to make this is a pain, moreover if you already complete half of it XD, well if you this this suggestion is a bit much then disregard this suggestion XD

    Anyway Thanks for doing this.. We really appreciate it.. Its worth to wait :D

    PS: I’ll comment another one when I finish the second part..

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