Steins;Gate – 25v0

Got this done a bit quicker than I had thought we would. Granted, I don’t plan on sleeping since I put off a paper to get this done (due in the morning). Anyway, enjoy. We’ll do a proper 1080p and 720p release with the reencoded BD batch. Also, I translated it and vale TLCed it.

Alt ddl

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44 Responses to Steins;Gate – 25v0

  1. vuzed says:


  2. Someone Else says:

    Serious question: Is this 10bit?

  3. Pisco says:

    Can’t dl again from 720p BD per volume torrent. And no other dl source for that.
    Hope the batch torrent include 720p too & soon …

  4. Vale says:

    Come on guys, praise Quattro’s first translation, he did a great job!

  5. Hey says:

    The most reliable anime DDL is Check it out. refile seems very slow

  6. redemption024 says:

    <—- waiting for the BD batch ..
    password to infinite patience: El Psy Congroo

  7. Cmp says:

    Wow!! Quattro translates!? Since when!? Thnx for the release!

  8. Progeusz says:

    I never imagined I could be so thankful to fansubbers for not translating. “Tsundere” should stay as it is. Good job, WhyNot.

  9. evengar says:

    When will vol.8 and vol.9 ?

  10. Mirk says:

    So what exactly will be the difference between this v0 and the re-encoded 720p version to be released a la batch? Just a little confused sorry!

    • Quattro says:

      One we’ve encoded from the BD, one is a shareraw someone else encoded. The quality isn’t up to our standards for an encode. And by “reencoded” I meant that I will be encoding all the episodes again from the BD and they will use ordered chapters, not that we are simply reencoding our old releases.

  11. Kauranen says:

    nice, i send u some bogus energy with my third eye to u

  12. BakaAho says:

    I have a request. Could you please add the Track 2: Steins;Sub for the rest of the series? Just like Coalgirls.

  13. soar.sola says:

    Grand job, and keep going man.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering, have all the BD volumes been released already?

    Not asking about when Why Not is releasing the episodes.

  15. BThirster says:

    Sorry to bother you but was wondering how things were getting on your end for the batch .

    Do you have any release date ?

  16. BThirster says:

    Okay thx .

    If it’s possible do you know any program to excract sub and add them to BDMV ?

    I would like to have the bdmv with sub for the best quality and yours seem to be the best i could hope to find .

  17. BThirster says:

    Trully thx .

    Waiting for your realise with great hope.

  18. leecher says:

    WhyNot release batch already?

    • AsuraE says:

      WhyNot read what’s already been written? In particular you might want to look at the parts where I continually lower the priority of steins every time someone asks where it’s at.

  19. noname says:

    “I continually lower the priority of steins every time someone asks where it’s at.”
    awsome answer for ppl that don’t get you’re doing it for free, and that you don’t have whatsoever duty at all towards time etc..
    Just release when it’s good for you to, after all you do exist in RL right?
    As soon you do a even better encode, I’ll wait for it ;)

  20. Anonymous says:

    When it comes to encoding and such I only fooled around with some WoW movies and even that was a pain so I don’t want to imagine what making a quality BD encodes is like. Thanks for your hard work guys.

  21. D says:

    many thanks Quattro and the team.. we will be waiting for the batch, thanks again for picking it up BD

  22. Jo says:

    Any news about the BD releases?

  23. Narduath says:

    Really looking forward to that 1080p batch release! :)

    • AsuraE says:

      Steins 1080p is shit and only idiots who think “OMFG IT HAS A BIGGER NUMBER SO IT MUST BE BETTER” will download it.

      • Narduath says:

        Hmm, well I’ll take your word for it. Operating on limited bandwidth I’ll ofcourse be comparing 720p vs 1080 before getting one.

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