Steins;Gate – 24v2

Hi, so apparently there was some miscommunication a long time ago about some things, and so I’ve v2ed episode 24 to change 2 lines. The True End song had one line at the end that wasn’t actually included in the episode (but it is in the full song), and the final line of the episode has been fixed.

Spoiler for Explanation
”This is surely the choice of Steins;Gate.” has been fixed to reflect the fact that he is talking about the world line there, not his made up nonsense (changed to: “This is surely the choice of Steins Gate.”).


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9 Responses to Steins;Gate – 24v2

  1. BigBadBorg says:

    Thank you very much, though it was just a minor change :)

    May I ask if you are planning to release the final episodes (20-24) in 1080 p? Or is this the final release?

  2. Corbyn says:

    Script was updated, so I updated my karaoke copy and made some patches. The patches will work for every version of the files, including my previous release of 24.

  3. Kamisama says:

    Any news about Steins;Gate – Fuka Ryouiki no Deja vu ?

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