Steins;Gate – 23 β

[WhyNot] Steins;Gate - 23 β [92461BAF].mkv_snapshot_03.14_[2015.12.03_06.20.01]

You know we wouldn’t miss out on this. For those unaware, to promote the upcoming Steins;Gate 0 VN release, they streamed an alternate version of episode 23 (β) that diverges into the 0 story line. Enjoy.

The usual crew:
Steiner (TL)
Afinon (Timer)
Quattro (TL, TLC, Editor)

Note: This is a nico rip. It was, but the v2 listed is now the BS11 airing.

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34 Responses to Steins;Gate – 23 β

  1. Senju Vonzero says:

    (First) Thanks WhyNotsubs for help us who missed the Niconico live streaming. Btw, wow. Uploading after 4 hours airing. That’s fast.

    Stay God Speed, my friend! GBU all the team.

  2. Yohan says:

    Thank you for your work!

  3. aa says:

    thank you so much! i watched it on your livestream and you did a fantastic job!

    can’t wait for s;g 0, i will definitely be watching it with your releases

  4. Carl Azuz says:

    Awesome! But the file from the DDL link won’t play in VLC for me. Anyone else getting this issue?

  5. psicomenace says:

    Awesome, I love you so much, really thanks a lot.

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  7. pikopika says:

    I did not know this so thank you for the post!

  8. Bryan Vazquez says:

    weird….the subs arent showing for me….any help?

  9. Thanks guys, you are awesome (y)

    BTW, will you ever make a fixed batch of the original series? (Because episode 23 had a fix)

  10. 3x3y3z3tSK says:

    I noticed that the Opening this time is the second part of the full song (while the OP in the anime TV is the first part).

    • Half Blood says:

      In the original series, the opening for the last few episodes including 23 was also the second part of the song, so that’s nothing special for this episode alone.

  11. Cathy says:

    Thank you.

  12. b6 says:


    Quattro what you drive? :)

  13. Anoni says:

    Does the v0 imply that there will be a “better” version later?

  14. Thank u very much for translate!!! Christina will be grateful with u. We have to wait until March for the TV adaptation or play the game :D

    -El Psy Kongroo-

  15. Mad says:

    Thanks so much guys!!

  16. reconman says:

    It says 720p but the file is 378p.

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