Steins;Gate – 23 β (BS11 v2)


This is a v2 using the BS11 airing from last night, instead of nico so there won’t be a patch. Thanks to joletb for helping out and encoding.

For those unaware, to promote the upcoming Steins;Gate 0 VN release, they streamed an alternate version of episode 23 (β) that diverges into the 0 story line. Enjoy.

The crew:
Steiner (TL)
Afinon (Timer)
Quattro (TL, TLC, Editor)
joletb (Encoder)

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8 Responses to Steins;Gate – 23 β (BS11 v2)

  1. Urosenz says:

    Why is it tagged as 720p BD?

  2. Randomacts says:

    tfw you derped when uploading it and were only seeding 94% ish of the torrent so I had to download the DDL to reseed and fix the swarm

  3. Waiting to the new serie… to the new timeline…

    – El Psy Kongroo –

  4. A_Blind_Man says:

    thanks for the episode, time for some more Okarin suffering!

  5. Zedd says:

    So, was Kurisu won’t be in the next Steins;Gate?
    That’s super f-ing sad.. :(

  6. baldr says:

    They are rebroadcasting Steins;Gate and put in this alternative episode instead of the original right? But what about the episode 24? Will the rebroadcast contain the original episode or is it going to be an alternate as well?

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