Here is the list of awesome people that constitute WhyNot? fansubs:

Quattro – Leader, editor, encoder, timer, typesetter, translator, distro, bot provider, everything (lazy)
AsuraE – Encoder, backup for a lot of other shit when he feels like it (which is never)
MrDrSr – Distro, website stuff, other various things
valerauko – Translator, TLC
Congeal – Timer, typesetter (Busy)
Afinon – Timer
Brine – Editor (MIA)
COYS – QC, proxy encoder (On break)
janice – Editor (Busy)
Sobre – QC
Acid` – QC
Hybrid21 – Typesetter

Guest Staff
ReadingSteiner – Editor/tlc
Collectr – Editor

Complete Bros
Armada – Donated some computer time for the sake of Steins:Gate blu rays.
Marking14 – Donated some computer time for the sake of Steins:Gate blu rays.
AgitoAkito – When Share and PD only gave 100KB/s download speed for 1-2 volumes at best, he stepped in and uploaded everything to an ftp to make awesomeness happen.

Spoiler for Inactive
Viridian – Timer (Inactive/Job)
Buradi – Timer (Busy)
RandomEntropy1 – Editor, timer, backup QC (Retired)
Riktasi – Timer, backup QC/editor (Retired)
Mirco22 – Typesetter
NyanNyan – Backup Timer (Inactive)
Heroically – Typist
Kethry – QC, backup timer, backup editor
Glaive – Editor, backup QC (Retired)
VoiceOfReason – Timer (forever)
killazys – Encoder (:life:)
hongersEditor (forever slow)
Diclonius – Editor (Life)
harbl – QC (Busy)
Dao – Timer (Retired)
Uruoki – QC (Busy)
logarithm – Typesetter
Spoiler for Former
KingIsRamen – Distro, QC
Yuigg – Translator (Busy)
xavier – Encoder, backup editor, backup timer (Job/MIA)
Magic_Lord – TLC, songs (MIA)
Baka_Saru – Typesetter (MIA/Job)
Raph95 – Typesetter (Quit)
Kyosuke – Translator, TLC (MIA)
Jyasuten – Asks where’s DC (Inactive)
Senna_Wong – Editor (Inactive)
DarkKing – Timer (Fired)
Little_Devil – Timer (Inactive)
Azunyaan – Distro, QC (Inactive)
fairlady350z – TL, TLC, QC (Retired)
Vdizzle – Timer, typesetter, karaoke (MIA)
Kakers – QC (MIA)
praddy – Typesetter (Retired)
Rasendori – Timer (MIA)
Kamlotton – Timer (Quit)
IndividualNo12 – Typesetter (MIA)
Shu-kun – Typesetter (MIA)
KatejinaLoos – Typesetter intern (Retired)
kamikeima – QC (MIA/Busy)
kaionlriu – Translator
Chiasmus – Typesetter intern (MIA)
jrazy – Translator
Rekyu – Translator, TLC

More staff are always welcome!

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