Squid Girl – 12 (Final)

Squid Girl - 12

Edit: I forgot episode 7 in the batch. Re-uploaded a correct torrent, link below.

So this took a lot longer than it should have. Blame Quattro, not me.

Not my fault! I blame… Okay, so, it was me.

Squid Girl – 12


Credit roll:
Quattro (Everything) – De geso~ This last episode was stalled at me so… My bad >_>. Hope you enjoyed all the moe that was Squid Girl.
MrDrSr (QC)
AsuraE (Backup everything for a few episodes)

Nura batch is still being worked on so be patient. We are redoing almost the whole thing so it’s taking a while. Shouldn’t be too much longer though.

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2 Responses to Squid Girl – 12 (Final)

  1. Gordon Shumway says:

    Sweet! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t wait to watch the finale! Squiddie rocks!

  2. Redsocks says:

    Are you going to do the blurays?

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