Spring 2011 Plans

Spring 2011 chart

How many shows will we end up doing? No idea but it will depend on the staff and translator(s). Stay tuned. Please vote in the poll as well.

So, for anyone who cares, we got two new translators rather recently so I’d like to take a second to give you all an idea about our plans for spring. I doubt there will be many series left over after the simulcasts and oversubbing, but we’ll see.

If you are a translator and are interested in TLing a show for us (or anything else) then please contact us. Keep in mind, if the show gets simulcasted it will probably be changed so prepare a backup or two that you would want to do.

Also, if any other group is interested in a joint on something not simulcasted, to avoid oversubbing, please let us know. We are open to joints and would prefer it to avoid needless oversubbing and wasted effort.

We’re going to need more translators, typesetters, TLCs, one more encoder, and another dedicated QC. If you are interested, check this post or comment here.

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26 Responses to Spring 2011 Plans

  1. Senna says:

    A Channel. That’s all I’m asking for!! >.<
    Support Senna and her cause! Vote for us to take up A Channel! =D

  2. StonedTrooper says:

    If I wanted to get one of those charts.. but the original where can I get it? This one looks different from chartfag >.<

    and thank you for your current and future works ^^

  3. RonIron says:

    Hmm… I’m disappointed you guys aren’t interested in Steins;Gate, but hopefully you all will be interested Kaiji 2, Ano Hana and Deadman Wonderland

    • EpicNaruto says:

      I guess I can see why people would mistake those shows crossed off as us not interested…

      I have crossed off shows that are covered already (at least announced to be so) by a decent group so there is no need for us to do them. I have also crossed off s2 where we didn’t do s1 and some of them we aren’t interested in doing (kids shows, Wolverine, BL shows). They are subject to change at any time though and Gintama is an exception to all my rules (If I feel like doing it when it airs, we will. If not, who knows).

      For more information as to who has “claimed” what so far, http://fansubdb.hologfx.com/wiki/Spring_2011

      • RonIron says:

        I never knew that site existed, it’s pretty resourceful. Thanks for the heads up! I appreciate everything you guys do and I look forward to anything you guys decide to put out. Thanks again

        • EpicNaruto says:

          Yeah, it has a lot of useful information. Staff interest is very varied so I’m not sure where things will end up.

          Thank you for following us. It’s always nice to hear some feedback from people.

    • Kiru says:

      Not being interested in Steins Gate is a given, I mean it’s a VN adaption, and those suck pretty much always. I mean it COULD be good, but I doubt it is 52episodes long to have a faithful adaption… probably a half-season, meaning over 75% cut out.

  4. Senna says:

    Why isn’t A Channel in the list of strong interests? T_T

  5. FinstererDrache says:

    At list one of the two shows I’m very interested in are in the list, but it isn’t selectable in the poll, so it is Hidan no Aria. The other one is Oretachi ni Tsubasawa Nai!

  6. FinstererDrache says:

    At least one of the two shows I’m very interested in are in the list, but it isn’t selectable in the poll, so it is Hidan no Aria. The other one is Oretachi ni Tsubasawa Nai!

  7. I wish you guys would change your mind on Steins;Gate just because the manga is awesome so far and I’d imagine the anime would follow suit. You guys release things so much faster than the other groups. It would probably generate alot more traffic to your website as well.

  8. corperateprison says:


  9. moha2 says:

    i voted for Hanasaku Iroha and gintama ;

  10. Mirco says:

    How about C: The money of soul and possibility control?

    Would really love to see that one subbed by you guys!

    • EpicNaruto says:

      It’s noitamina. It’ll be simulcasted for sure. Also, I’m fairly certain that umee will probably do it as they have been doing a good job with the noitamina shows.

  11. Homnomnom says:

    Leaving shows in gg’s hand is not a good idea…

    • EpicNaruto says:

      It’s not about leaving it in their hands even. It’s that regardless of who else subs it, everyone will watch and download their version. We would just be wasting our effort on something that gg has picked up. They have a capper (which means on time and better raws) and are able to release faster than we are.

  12. stargazer says:

    Bummer about gg. I was ticked when they announced they were planning on doing two shows I had planned on watching.

    I usually wait for the releases from trusted/more reliable groups.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      I know that there are some people who do that, but it’s such a small amount that it doesn’t really make it worthwhile for us to sub them. We’ll pick up other shows though, so hopefully they won’t be simulcasted haha.

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