So, I’ve never played any of the Elder Scrolls… (and next season plans)

Want to rectify that? Happen to have a copy of Skyrim (or not) and feeling generous? Car repairs and house fires sure do suck you dry at the worst times.
Thank you kakalak for being a total bro <3 Oh yeah, about next season. We don't know yet. We're waiting to decide as usual (but you can probably expect some noitamina action regardless). Requests? Keep in mind the only requests we may consider have to be simulcast edits. And if you ask for Chocolate or Utakoi, then bug Rekyu and hongers respectively to get crackin'. Update: We'll be doing Robotics;Notes either with vale. ReadingSteiner agreed to help out too. Update2: Assuming we get another editor, we'll do Psycho-Pass too. More updates later.

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18 Responses to So, I’ve never played any of the Elder Scrolls… (and next season plans)

  1. Chocolate' says:

    Ayo, Reyku da GAWD, gotta pick it up with this chocolate man, need my fix soon. Already starting to get those withdrawal symptoms. Do me right son.

  2. 95% Cacao says:

    So about that chocolate, Rekyu >:3

  3. Anonymousse says:

    Morrowind is still the best Elder Scrolls

  4. wohdin says:

    skyrim is garbage, play morrowind

  5. Nickienator says:

    No reason to start a bad habit now. I get it, after sad things like cars breaking down and house fires happening to you, you want to start smoking or start playing terrible games to relieve stress. But it’s not a solution.

  6. Name says:

    Dark Souls >>>>>> Skyrim

  7. Yuu says:

    Kamisama Hajimemashita

  8. Someone says:

    It doesn’t look like anyone that’s any good is picking up “K”… It is being simulcasted, so you guys should consider it!

  9. wantei says:

    Rekyu!!! CHOCO ONEGAI!!!!!!

  10. Tenpura-kun says:

    Psycho-Pass please! Some noitaminA action and (maybe) simulcasted. Please consider!

  11. IZEROII says:

    I would maybe have to say Sukitte Ii na yo since it looks like Hadena is the only ones picking it up outside of IB maybe. But it isn’t simulcasted I don’t believe so might be out of luck which is unfortunate

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