Silly Funi… <-- Sure are geniuses who post on ANN, eh? Way to fail how to understand how fansubs/streamrips/CR/Funi/everything/logic/everything really works. Read this if you haven't already. Funi hurfed pretty hard, apparently. Way to use Horriblesubs in-house and condemn all fansubs and streamrips publicly. I seem to recall them suing 1337 people for downloading an episode of One Piece from yibis (scared me for a bit too though, since I had downloaded that release lol) while apparently they themselves have been downloading Horriblesubs releases. Nice.

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3 Responses to Silly Funi…

  1. Joshua says:

    I don’t think CR subs anything. The company in japan that they get there streaming rights from subs it for them. This would explain why the subs look the same if Funi buys there rights to sell it from the same people.

    • AsuraE says:

      No. Read those links carefully. The reason why everyone is going on about this is because FUNi downloaded HS’s release (which is evident as the script has HS’s styling), creating a huge amount of hypocrisy due to their whole ‘stream rippers and fansubbers are evil and are destroying the anime industry’ stance.

      Also, Epic… WTF? I thought we had some ‘no dorama’ stance thingy because it’s annoying to deal with.

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