Shining Bread – 02

This needs to stop being done when I want to sleep. I fell asleep while it was being QCed again, so it’s a few hours later than it should’ve been. Whoops.

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12 Responses to Shining Bread – 02

  1. macxxx007 says:


    Jesus man… it is nice that you care so much for, us, the leechers but you shouldn’t sacrifice your sleep for us… WE WANT YOU IN PRIME CONDITION!

    A bit later… A bit sooner… as long as it comes… I’m happy with WHENEVER you release an episode!

    Thanks for this and please, please, PLEASE, rest well!

  2. just here to complain says:

    you half asleep>hadena

    But honestly, I haven’t checked so I wouldn’t know.

  3. red255 says:

    I hope they make some cream filled bread for the girls to eat suggestively.

  4. Rexx says:

    is it me only or is there a video problem at 5.49

  5. Rexx says:

    oh fixed thx for the help

  6. Ashitaka says:

    Much appreciated as always!

  7. NatsuPower says:

    Moe Moe Power xD and thanks for subing :D

  8. TheBadPresent says:

    So where is Episode 03?

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