Server Costs~

So it’s that time of year. The servers we use need their bills paid and we would appreciate it if you guys threw a few bucks our way. The total for our servers is about $150 per year (Staff FTP and Kintoki XDCC Bot). If I go by or recent Steins;Gate release on Nyaa, there have been 5,532 downloads. If each person that downloaded donated $0.03, we’d have more than enough to cover server costs for the year.

I’ve put up a donation button on the sidebar, and I’ll take it down if/when we hit the goal.

Holy shit. You guys are awesome. I honestly didn’t think we’d get half way by the time the bill was due. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

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31 Responses to Server Costs~

  1. Jimmeh says:

    I’ll donate some after my awful internet/lack of seeds finishes downloading Steins. :P

  2. Darkszero says:

    Donated a pitiful $2.50, poor student is poor.

    Anyway, thanks for Accel World, Robotics;Note and Steins;Gate. The bluray torrent ratio is at 76.072 and increasing :)

  3. There, I donated even thou I’m a poor University student.

  4. Xeon says:

    how much has been donated?

  5. Lann094 says:

    Have $10. :3 I like the thought of being 333 hypothetical people.

  6. Omnizohar says:

    Payment Method:
    PayPal Balance$10.01 AUD
    PayPal Conversion Rate as of 29 Dec 2012: 1 Australian Dollar = 0.999975 US Dollars

    I appreciate your great work fansubbing for us and I thought why not be generous and give you guys a fair amount. Keep up the good work! I’d be supporting you guys.

    …And after this post I’ll go create an account and register.

  7. xsystematic says:

    $25 from me

  8. Reso says:

    I’m still finishing up my Holiday shopping for the idiots on the end of my list ;~;

    But I’m sure I can spare $10.

  9. Dr. Pepper says:

    About what percentage are Paypal fees?

  10. wakfu says:

    payed payed payed payed payed payed payed payed payed payed payed payed payed payed payed payed payed payed

    If you say it enough it doesn’t sound like a word!
    Oh, it isn’t.

  11. Miih~ says:

    I just donated 5$ and with that, you have reached your goal. Thank you for all the good work you have done.

  12. stoojam says:

    Shame I read this too late – I would’ve loved to donate. Thanks for the brilliant releases, and have a happy new year!

  13. QUICKSORT says:

    Where is donate link? I’d like to donate too.

  14. scion says:

    Can someone please reseed Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san [BD 1080p]?
    I’m missing only the last 3%.

    Thanks in Advance.

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