Saint☆Young Men OVA – 01

>mfw surprise OVA.

Note: This is a shareraw, which happens to be literally the only version of it available online, so it is what it is.
EDIT: Apparently, there was one more. Guess I didn’t catch it because of the title.

Rekyu (Translator)
Congeal (Timer)
Quattro (Editor, typesetter)

I’d like to do the second OVA and movie, so hopefully look forward to those.


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14 Responses to Saint☆Young Men OVA – 01

  1. Aris Boch# says:

    Looks cool, nothin in HD?

  2. martinez says:

    the fact that someone subbing this is more than enough. Thanks ;)

  3. Michael says:

    Are you going to do the second OVA when it’s available?

  4. Nobody says:

    Thank you, I was worried this would go unsubbed.

  5. A_Blind_Man says:

    Buddha and Jesus, how could I not download this?

  6. hinshihoushi says:

    I had not even known this was coming out. Thank so much for subbing it and I really hope you sub the second OVA and movie. Two minutes into it and I was hooked.

  7. dyonoy says:

    wheres the English subs?

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