Saint☆Young Men The Movie

He is risen!

Rekyu (Translator)
Congeal (Timer)
logarithm (Typesetter)
Quattro (Editor, typesetter)
AsuraE (Encoder)

1920×1080 + DTS (the FLAC was massive and pointless, so you get the original 5.1 DTS), 1280×720 + AAC

1080p v2 patch to fix the typesets. You have to remove the star for this to work. Just add it back after you patch.

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26 Responses to Saint☆Young Men The Movie

  1. Jessica says:

    God bless you WhyNot.

  2. Enamelthyst says:

    Hallelujah! He is risen indeed!

  3. anon says:

    >Rekyu (Translator)
    The blu-ray came with English subs

  4. Emophia says:

    I was just wanted to rewatch the OVA’s so I came here to redownload them and waddya know the the movie is out perfect timing. Cheers!

  5. Bob says:

    Hell. Yes.

  6. EccentricOtaku says:


  7. errr .. I guess I can’t patch 1080p ver?
    anyone can help? can’t find the one with A0250CE9

  8. Chewi105 says:

    Thanks guys! :DD

  9. kurini says:


  10. Lann094 says:

    These release images piqued my interest, and boy was this a good one.

    Just wanted to point out, I believe this line was incorrect:
    Dialogue: 2,0:30:57.41,0:31:01.63,Default,,0,0,0,,I-It’s taken me two centuries, but I think I can at least do this much now.

    I’m fairly sure I heard him say ‘ni sen,’ and considering were in the 2nd millenium, I’d assume he was saying ‘it’s taken me two millennia.’

    Other than that, loved the retention of puns, and thanks for all the hard work. :D

    • Quattro says:

      He actually says ni seiki, which means two centuries. We checked that line specifically during the editing and QC because it seems like it should be two millennia.

      Glad you enjoyed it though. Watch both OVA as well?

      • Lann094 says:

        I wonder what happened in the 1800s that kept him from swimming, then…

        I didn’t watch the OVAs, but I think I’ve gotten enough from this movie to be completely satisfied.

  11. brc says:

    I love you.

  12. thewizardninja says:

    Just one thing I noticed, but I’m pretty sure the kids aren’t talking about “ping pong”, and are meant to be imitating the sound a doorbell makes. You know, since he’s a “button alien”, they push the “button” and they make a doorbell sound. So, it’s probably closer to something like “ding dong”.

  13. Adam says:

    I like to make sure I only get 1080p versions when the quality is noticably better (“real” quality, as opposed to just the original masters run through upscaling filters for the sake of the BD), and 720p otherwise. Is there any indication either way as to whether this was _upscaled_ to 1080p?

  14. Hope says:

    aaaah thank you so much, i’ve been looking for this! the quality is gorgeous but the subs aren’t working for me :c ? is there a way to fix it? i’ve downloaded both files and patched the 1080p one several times but it doesn’t seem to work… i hope i’m no bother u_u

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