I was waiting for something to happen to turn this series around. Looks like I don’t have to wait much longer. My body is ready.

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9 Responses to Robotics;NotesPV

  1. redemption024 says:

    so when will the next episode come out?

  2. Eric says:

    I remembered the “WTF just happened and where can I get more” point in Steins;Gate. This is (I think?) the same people so I was kind of waiting for it here…it seems that moment has arrived. Can’t wait. Do we have an ETA on the beginning of the end?

  3. Onyx says:

    Looks like shit is going to hit the fan! I’m excited.

  4. battlaflame says:

    Dat Mr.Player-desu

    My body is so ready

  5. Keeper says:

    Dude… like… Dude!
    More, now, gogo. Don’t wait for it to air. Gimme!

  6. PaleBlue says:

    Holy crap, is this even the same show? I wants it.

  7. brokensaint058 says:

    Talk about a complete 360 turn from the tone of the previous 11 episodes :O
    I just hope they won’t rush it and take time to explain everything.

  8. akh says:

    Damn, I knew it was gonna go somewhere, but… damn. I mean… damn.

  9. Teslanightxz says:

    Frau. In a bathtub. With a knife. NO, DONT DO IT!!

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