Robotics;Notes – BD Vol 04

We’ll add the image from the BD volume later when someone who has it is around.

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    20 Responses to Robotics;Notes – BD Vol 04

    1. leo@uhw says:

      Dat Aki.

      Where do you guys get all these gems?

    2. SantaPoncho says:

      Ty! Keep up the good work!

    3. leo@uhw says:

      Oh, right. The glasses.
      It’s a profile shot, they look alike in my shitty monitor.

    4. tirthasg says:

      Next volume plz

    5. InTooDeep says:

      Will continue with Vol 5-9 now that its on share?

    6. InTooDeep says:

      Can are on seperate file [BDMV][アニメ] ROBOTICS;NOTES 5-9 (鮭).rar
      Go Go Whynot!

    7. Rinku says:

      In the post of Vol 2 on ADC someone put on some links for BD’s from 5-9, dunno if you’ve already try those…

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