Robotics;Notes – BD Vol 03

Mr Pleiades

Vol 01 720p was reencoded to fix a color issue. No patches.
Episode 01 1080p has some typesetting fixes. Patch here.

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    3 Responses to Robotics;Notes – BD Vol 03

    1. akpends says:

      First and foremost, thanks for the release!

      Just finished leeching vol. 03 in 720p and I was surprised about the small filesize for this release (about a third of the previous ones). I confess my total ignorance in everything related to encoding, and using mediainfo on 2 files, the only difference I found was the number of “reference frames” settings dropping from 16 to 4. Also, the pictures for this release looks less crisp than the previous ones (well kinda hard to say precisely since these episodes have a lot of scene in dark settings). Again, I don’t know zilch about encoding, and I don’t want to sound ungrateful or anything, but would it be possible to have a quick explanation on the sudden settings change?

      *puts purple eyes right in your face* “ki ni narimasu!” :)

    2. 1.048596 says:

      Thanks, also that MISTER PLEIADES!!! pic is fairly magnificent.

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