Robotics;Notes – BD Vol 01

Scripts are updated. Every episode will receive another QC pass for the BDs. We recommend the 1080p for those who want the highest quality version/encode. Volume 2 soon™.

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    39 Responses to Robotics;Notes – BD Vol 01

    1. Seba says:

      No offence, but don’t you think that ~1GB for a 720p release with AAC audio is a little too much?

      For example, if you compare it with another WhyNot BD release 720p AAC, Steins;Gate, each episode is ~400MB.

      I didn’t want to sound that I am insulting the work done here, I really appreciate the release but I am just wondering why the big difference.

      • Quattro says:

        Grain. That should about tell you all you need to know.

        And Steins;Gate saved a ton of space by using ordered chapters, so you’d have to add the OP and ED to each episode to make that a fair comparison.

      • AsuraE says:

        >Complains before even downloading.

        <3 leechers

        • crysis says:

          He did say in the end he was just curious, not so much as bitching to encode this again.

          • AsuraE says:

            And I never said he was bitching to encode this again. Just pointing out that anyone who has any ability to comment on encoding would’ve downloaded it first, saw the grain, and then said nothing.

            It’s also pretty funny that he compares it to Steins;Gate. Iirc the OP for that is ~200MB for 1.5 minutes at 720p.

            • crysis says:

              I probably should have put down: “at least he’s not…” (not trying to imply anything from your previous statement)

              I think a lot of viewers just aren’t aware of how filesize isn’t necessarily correlated with encoding. So, you’ll get passer-by comments from people who are curious about the filesize, with probably little to no knowledge on encoding. I was also curious: how can one tell whether a video file is “bloated” or not?

            • Quattro says:

              If you can achieve the same quality at a lower filesize, then it’s bloated. This is not the case with Robotics;Notes though. The grain makes that pretty much impossible.

            • AsuraE says:

              What most people call bloat is really more like the file size being higher that what most leechers consider “acceptable”.

              Real bloat, i.e. Tenshi’s crf13 shit, is where the quality gain is nowhere near worth the increase in filesize (i.e. he doubles the filesize to maybe make two scenes look better when the video is paused during a high action scene and your face is pressed against your monitor).

              As for how a typical leecher can tell whether something is actually bloated – they can’t. Which is why most of the time they are either ignored or, if we’re tired of people bitching about shit they have no knowledge of, put down.

    2. Aaron says:

      Just wondering…would ordered chapters help file size for Robotics;Notes, or is the intro not really that big anyway?

    3. leo@uhw says:

      Dat post pic. Amazing.

    4. Entitled says:

      Seems like my PC isn’t good enough for 1080p. The sound goes right but it seems like the animation is lagging behind. So it will occasionally have parts where the animation plays but the sound just stops to let the animation catch up.

      Wasted my time downloading it. :(
      Gonna have to redownload 720p. Dunno why, I’m usually able to play 1080p without any problems.

      • AsuraE says:

        Your computer is probably right on the edge of being able to play 1080p normally. With this encode, the bitrate is far higher than normal (hence the ~2GB for an ep) in order to preserve the grain. More bitrate means more power needed on decoding.

    5. Rikku says:

      But I’ve a question, will you guys finish the Steins;Gate in 1080P?

    6. Rain says:

      DDL’s down or something, not working on my end? 1080p anyways..

    7. kboy says:

      you said you’re working on a special with frau where is it????

    8. CEMPUNK says:



    9. kboy says:

      I’ve sended an e-mail in can u anwser please (i am sending from


    10. JustinSane says:

      Hi guys, quick question as I can’t find any info on your site (I am new here!) are you guys using 10bit on your encodes, or are you using a format that people can actually play (8bit)?

      Curious as my HTPC can’t do 10bit, and I am unwilling to spend out on a new system just to play a format with no actual benefits over the standard. (gfx card companies don’t see any benefits of 10bit either so no DXVA for that!).

      • AsuraE says:

        1) It’s 10-bit.
        2) Funnily enough, people can actually play 10-bit. My phone does it and that’s approaching two years old.
        3) If you were able to read the documentation, you’d know why it’s better.
        4) Hardware didn’t fully start supporting vanilla h264 until most of the community was already using it. I guess you’re too young to remember that though.

        tl;dr: Don’t try playing videos with a toaster.

        • JustinSane says:

          Oh, another hipster group that believes in it’s own bull shit. Thanks for the answer though, even if it did come with a shitty attitude.

          • AsuraE says:

            Hey, some of us can read and understand what we’re reading. I’ll bet you’ll be crying again the the next few years when the switch to h265 happens :)

          • pollop says:

            you do know that your the one who came here with the shitty attitude right? asking questions about stuff that’s already been answered (try searching “10-bit” and looking past the first result) and complaining about stuff you don’t know anything about. it’s no wonder they’d answer you like that.

    11. Aaron says:

      Funny thing is, I didn’t even know what a HTPC was till I googled it just now, lol.

    12. Aaron says:

      Arg, my icon changed, lemme see if this works, sorry.

    13. chibimango says:

      no ddl no xdcc for 720p, it’s cool.
      no seeders for vol.1v2 to 4 …… woo hoo.

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