Robotics;Notes – 19

I’ll add a pic later… maybe.

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  1. creeper says:

    O_O thank you

  2. Entrav says:

    Thanks a lot as usual!

  3. goro says:

    can’t download torrent…
    it says:
    unable to load “[whynot] robotics”: the system cannot find the file specified. !

  4. user says:

    At the 17.10 part you spelled it wrongly i think?
    u put threated?
    wasn’t is supposed to be threatened?

  5. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks so much for the episode! DOES THIS MYSTERY MAKE MORE SENSE YET?!

    Have a great night and weekend!

  6. Asuka says:

    Thanks for the subs! :D

  7. leo@uhW says:

    Wow, that Steins;Gate reference. Consider my mind BLOWN.

    Thanks, WhyNot.

    • leo@uhW says:

      On second though, I’m retarded. I was checking out the episode where she was introduced again, and her name was clearly stated. And not only there but also on every other episode she was mentioned. Too slow on the uptake, I guess. (That is, until the “S Braun” part)

      • Quattro says:

        Nae is the very same Nae from Steins;Gate. Also, surprised no one went nuts over the Chaos;Head stuff (Noah).

        • Cevian says:

          I’ve been going crazy about it, me and all my friends. I as not prepared for this sort of anarchy.

        • leo@uhw says:

          I realized that with this episode. I’m a horrible human being.

          Also, I’m sorry that I’ msaying this but… I’ve never seen Chaos;Head.

        • Taylor says:

          I went nuts over both. I find myself thinking… if that was Noah IV… where’s Noah III? o ao

          Also the whole nature of the “illusions”. Since they seem different to the Noah II illusions in that they’re constrained to AR? Those not in reportedly damaged areas would panic, but those in them wouldn’t. I dunno, I guess things might get clearer in the next few eps.

  8. PokeKirb says:

    Did you really lived nearby that Choufu Airport? D:
    Anynyan, thanks for your great subs ^^

  9. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

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