Robotics;Notes – 17

[WhyNot] Robotics;Notes - 17 [46CAC7B2].mkv_snapshot_11.11_[2013.02.14_19.02.33]

We finished earlier than usual this week.

Also, Steiner got around to uploading the BD to us (still uploading, actually), so that’ll happen soon™.

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19 Responses to Robotics;Notes – 17

  1. Entrav says:

    Woo thanks a lot! I’ve been blasting through all the anime today :)

  2. macxxx007 says:

    Just DAMN!

    What’ll happen now?!

    Thanks for the episode!


  3. leo@uhw says:

    She finally shows her true colors. I knew she couldn’t be that cute without an underlying reason.

  4. Kurini says:

    That was a epic episode, thank you for your hardwork!

  5. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  6. Dumber says:

    omg at ep 16 ending, the most ridiculous thing ever….turn her sideways or just pick her up, DAMMMMM that pissed me off!!!!

  7. Dumber says:

    powerd suit legs cant turn, they can only walk forward…atleast real ones. and the japanese one weighs about 60kg so would have been so easy, learn your facts……stilll PISSED!””””

  8. Dumber says:

    sorry looks like they have evolved even more Cyberdyne’s newer HAL-5 model weighs only 10 kilograms, *woman max 60* so total weight about 70kg…..thats something even a 15 year old can carry lol

  9. Mayumi says:

    Thanks for the subs!

    He did all he coul in ep. 16 to stop her. Given that it could even stand up all by itself after he threw her down, I’m quite sure it can also turn and change direction by itself, so turning her would’ve achieved nothing.
    80-90 kg (woman plus powered legs and engine on her back) is far too much to lift for a completely untrained, weak 15 year old who doesn’t do any sports and only plays KillBallad all day long.
    Even in the unlikely event he could’ve lifted her, how long could he have carried her? A few seconds at most. Once he put her down, the suit would’ve stood up by itself and started walking again.

    About the stupid lol Cyberdyne comment: You’re confusing things. Cyberdyne is from the Terminator movies.

  10. Dumber says:

    hahahahah, talk about living in the stoneage, heres a link to update your knowlage…sigh the powerd legs in the anime are copys from rl…
    there are lots of models, and sadly it cant turn by it self, the user turns by leaning and just turning

    About the stupid lol Cyberdyne comment: You’re confusing things. Cyberdyne is from the Terminator movies. learn your facts lol… alteast lol

  11. Dumber says:

    heck heres a video for you guys about Cyberdyne hahahah Terminator, ahhahahahhaha

    • Quattro says:

      How high are you?

      This anime is set in 2019. Regardless of what exists today, this is the future with giant robots. Unless we’re given specific dimensions, you can’t just assume shit like that.

  12. Dumber says:

    assume shit like that., huh? iam just looking at the model she is using and checking with real facts, sure its 6years in the future so if anything is should be smaller and lighter….and no mather what shes still wearing a torso model and that makes it **totally** impossible to turn by it self no mater how advanced it is. and plz, this is my thought and my thinking so i should be aloved to assume what i want… and i mean heck if you couldn’t carry your own mom at the age of 15 you have to have been pretty pathetic.

    thoughts from a computer nerd, and no i dont smoke shit….not american

    • MrDrSr says:

      On that same mindset all the other technology is impossible as presented in the show. Does the other stuff exist like highly advanced AI with the ability to display and read emotion? Nope (cleverbot is not “advanced”). Watson doesn’t count either as it is designed to only answer Jeopardy questions (or answers, however that works).

      I guess what I’m trying to say is shut the fuck up and enjoy the goddamn show.

  13. Muunia says:

    Why is Geji-nee translated as Sister Centipede? That sounds so retarded..

  14. infinitywulf says:

    Awesome episode, perfect face at the end. :D

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